Blood Rain

I look to the Sky.
As the blood rain falls.
And washes over me.
On my knees,
Hands raised in screaming question.

I look to the Sky.
Begging for answers.
On deaf ears fall my plea.
With gut wrenching,soul devouring sobs.
My shoulders slump in defeat.

I look to the Sky.
Finally understanding why he cannot speak.
The rain of blood is tears.
When he looks down upon me.
The God of creation weeps.

Let the wheel turn

Dead to me.
Is the concept of compassion.
And yet here you stand before me.

Your soul laid bare,
Your dignity gone.
Your pride,
A bitter pill to swallow.

You stand here and speak to me of truth.
Your eyes betray your words.

You stand here and speak to me of patience,
Your nervous twitching betrays your haste.

You stand here and ask for my counsel,
Your heart will never listen.

Your mind will only hear,
What you want to believe.

Turn around,
Walk out my door.
Walk out my life.
I have nothing for you.

I shall fear no evil

The last star has faded.
The light has gone.
I walk alone in death’s garden.
Doomed am I to wander,
The eternal dark.

Black,ever flowering roses,
Line the broken paths.
Their roots sinking in,
Nourished by thorns tearing into dead flesh.
Watered with corpse blood.

Unafraid,every step sure of footing.
Every step taken from memory.
The darkness my ally.
How do you hurt,
What you cannot see.

Content am I.
My heart no longer reaching out,
Blindly searching for solace.
In death’s garden,
Another flower grows.

Let me be

I have looked into the dark.
Nightly I hear voices in the abyss calling for me.
I refuse to accept what they have to offer.
I am still here,I am free.

Clear the anger from your eyes,look at me.
The hatred in your heart is yours.
I have done nothing wrong.
This was never about me.

Greed and jealously clouds your eyes.
I live,I feel life.
I am not the evil of your conceptions.
I am me,set me free.

If you should take from me what is my life.
Will your torment end.
Then take it.
This is my gift to you.


Once upon a time

Once upon a dream

Once upon a wish

Once upon a hunger

Once upon a yearning

Once upon a man

Once upon a mirror

Once upon a fool.

Walk with me

Though I may journey alone upon this path.
It is destiny that leads me.
My strength,a song in my heart.
My companion,a haunting melody.

If you should find me lying weary,
Broken upon this path.
My strength at it’s lowest.
No music in my heart.

If you should look into my eyes,
And see where I have been.
Would you offer me your hand,lift me up.
Would you walk with me.

Kiss of death

As you lay in this street,
Your body broken,mangled,
Your blood dripping of my hands,
Bones and intestines on display.
You cannot speak.
Your eyes they beg for release.
My mind understands your plea.
But my heart,
Every thing that is my heart says no.
If it must be mercy,
Then death’s kiss for you,
Must be thunder and flame.
Close your eyes.
Find a better place.
The last sight you see,
Must not be me.
The tears in my eyes,
Blurs my vision.
I place the gun against your head,
Hands shaking.
Hoping my aim is true.
I pull the trigger.
For you.
This will be release.
For me.
This is where my life ends.