If I was your lover, Miss

If I was your lover, Miss
I would beam at the rise of my hand
To the soreness of nothing on you
And give you warmth in sun and moon
That from the aphelia be heard
To which winds and barks acquiesce

I would caress your rear and some
For many nights in silence of tongue
And bring us vittles and brews
From the echt nigh merchant
So we needn’t go hungry and athirst,
Somewhere ‘tween our pleasures

If I was your lover, Miss
We’d make sojourns of pleasance
To many shores of fair weathers
Pressuring our palms in parallels
And gaze at the stars on our tolerance
To forever rest in serenity of days

One bad news away from insanity

The commotion in my psyche is beyond strenuous
I get temptations of repugnant conduct
My better-half also confirmed my heart’s melancholy
On this, would you be gentle Mother Nature?
Take me wing, soon as I slam my sight

My engagement in collection of ignominy
Has been a unremitting excursion
Which so long as I live through
Shall embrace me in its tender pain

I went in and out of infirmaries
Every time I woke with just a perfect pelt
To which white-coated folks cheered
With little acquaintance of my valid condition

Oh liberty! Why do you shy away in this
Have you no espy of my affairs
Even when with conviction I assert
That should I gather one more dire truth
Those of reasonableness shall embrace my presence?

I have seen my lady

I have seen my lady many times
Strutting her hair in pride and chimes
It is my heart she’s giving beats
My emotions like the sun she heats

I have seen my lady many times
Every hour of sight stopping times
Wishing for a second to impress
For some more I would depress

Yes I have seen my lady at a time
When her eyes were of the colour lime
Marvelling what language she could say
But whichever, I wanted her to stay