A Bag Of Maize-meal

a bag of maize-meal
a brand new t-shirt
keep the dream alive
for us ekasi

gleaming SUV’s snake between tin cubicles and hazard pathways
uniformed motorcades make way through frenzied crowds
. . . the suspense . . . it adds to the excitement
YES! something big is about to happen

well orchestrated talk has always done the trick
Italian suits behind tinted shades
Yes change is finally here, . . maybe, this time . . .
tell a friend to tell a friend
Change, is here!

“this time we will get it right, only you give us one more chance”
well orchestrated talk always does the trick!!

a bag of maize-meal
a branded t-shirt, keep the dream alive . . .

bellows of dust rise high to the heavens
motorcades vanish into the distance

back to life, back to reality
YES! its always the same
a bag of maize-meal, a branded t-shirt