My empty promises

Ever since we meet,
I never said a word to you,
Did you called me a lier?
Oh well, I lied,
I admit I did?

Keep on telling you things that don’t even exist.
This is my last word of hope to you.
I will never failed you,
Nor even in my dreams.
I will never fool you!

My empty promises,
That made you realized how selfish I am.
Did you called me a foolish guy?
Oh yes I am.

I am the foolish guy
The one that made you left your belief,
The one that never care much about you future.
I lied, I betrayed you!

Just love me, or I will commit suicide

I demand your love;
I demand your attention.
I know you’re married
I know you can’t go against your husband,
Even though it is so
Even though it is not meant to be.

I know you can’t let me died
You can’t stand seeing me leaving you.
Love me now or i’ll commit suicide.
I’m not begging you for sex
I’m not going to make you cheat to your man.
I just want you to love me.

Just say you love me,
Even though you’re not,
Even though i know you’re stopping me to kill myself.
Just foo me or else….
And i’ll be fool and not die.