When Life Does Not Make Sense

When Life Does Not Make Sense And You Compare Your Life To That Of A Thriller You Are Waiting In Suspense For The Thriller To End.

Unfortunately, Life Is Not A Movie Circumstances Can Be Compared To A Killer Who Kill The Last Hope You Have You Are Always Thinking How It Is That You Will Survive.

Daily You Must Face Difficulties They Come Your Way And The Sharpness Of The Circumstance-Knife Is The Cause For The Endless Pain Inside.

It’s Then That The Suicide Thought Comes Your Way They Are Constant, Waiting For The Day That They Get You To Take Them To Mind And Cause Your Last Breath To Be Breathed.

Circumstances Can Change If You Allow God To Use It For His Plan For You But Until You Do You Will Continually Feel This Great Emptiness Inside.

Touch me

Touch me touch me
I say I need your touch
I want to feel loved
I need to feel loved

so touch me
make me al warm inside
let me feel your skin
your skin on my skin

Touch me touch me
caress my soul
your touch means a world
where i feel safe

Losing your direction

Losing your direction Not knowing where you are going You are among the dying people That I see around me.

It is in this condition That I want to give you Some advice to help you pull through And that is to give God a chance.

It is what I have experienced To know that He works wonders when faith Is put into what He promised And you experience this for yourself.

Then you will want to live And thoughts on death will disappear For you will be able to bear The burdens that you wanted to escape from.

Then you can learn what it means To be really living. How life can start to have meaning When it is God that becomes a friend.

It is only when we

It is only when we understand How God in His love works in a life That we in time can see How He blessed us with what we went through.

It is the love of a Father’s heart That is working in His child’s life To help the child realize Just what He wants to do.

When you understand this You will be able to trust and acknowledge That God is working In your life for a bigger purpose.

In this assurance you can rest For it is for the purpose for you to be blessed. Like children who gets punished For something they did wrong.

It is the Father’s punishment That taught the child a lesson To not do it again And from this they learn.

I can’t keep silent

I can’t keep silent About what God has done for me. It is how He worked in my life Why I know He is real.

His presence is what I feel When He gives me the freedom to choose: Making choices with a limited understanding Learning to live with what might be.

It is trusting in what He does so good: Turning the bad into blessings to increase my faith That I can believe He is like no other And that is what is keeping my life together.

It is when I have it difficult That I can take up His Word and built My life upon this truth that is available to all If we just take the Bible as God’s written word.

It is all this That is evidence Of the work He does in my life And why I can speak of God being real.

At first it doesn’t make sense

At first it doesn’t make sense Of how it can all change When we have to live with the consequences Of what went wrong.

It just feels that nothing is working And so we live hoping That somehow it will change for the better That we will be able to put the puzzle pieces together.

It is the change that we are afraid of For we don’t know how it will affect us In the long run When we change that what we are so used to.

It is if we do Make a change and realize That it was the best thing we could have done For we see what this change has done in our situation.

Then we won’t be afraid of The changes that we must make. It is them that will help us To become stronger in learning life’s curriculum.

Why Do We Value Art

Why Do We Value Art As Much As We Do? It’s Because The Artist Made A Picture Of An Object That Caught His Eye.

He Examined The Object And Saw What He Could Do If He Painted A Picture Giving His Own Interpretation To What He Sees.

Like The Sculptor God Sees You Broken Human Being Who Are In Need Of Some Restoration That’s Why He Offers You Salvation.

He Wants To Paint A Picture Of You So That Everyone Can See How Beautiful He Made You To Be But You Believe You Are Nothing.

Won’t You Allow Him To Paint You The Way That He Sees You When He Looks Down To One Of His Masterpieces?

I’ve seen what can be done

I’ve seen what can be done When God in His love Works with what we go through And helps us to understand why He did what He did.

It is people that have to admit That His ways of doing things are the best For in His care we can rest Always being blessed.

We don’t always understand Why it happens as it happens When things disrupts our lives And we have to deal with what comes along.

It is faith in Him that helps us to be strong When we don’t know if we can And we feel that nothing is making sense Until we see what He has done for us.

When you first understand what God does You will be able to trust Him with what you can’t do. It is then that all your struggles Becomes the reason why you can grow stronger.

I’ve never really understood

I’ve never really understood Why it was that I was hurting Until I was ready to start admitting That I had a wrong idea of who God was.

It was in time that it started making sense When I like so many people Started reading the Bible And spend time to get to know Him.

It is then that I found What the Bible was all about, What information I was missing all my life Not wanting to read the Bible.

Daily I am still discovering The wealth of information it gives How it enrich Me in every area of my life.

It is the source in my life That helps me when I don’t know what to do And it helps me to learn to put faith in God’s promises When I don’t know how He is going to help me through.

It is what He has done

It is what He has done With what my life has been That makes me so exited to tell Of everything God can do.

I’ve seen what He has done With what I went through. It is when I trusted Him with my life That I could begin to live.

It is then that He took me The broken person I was And made me into what I am today Someone who is surviving.

I’ve learnt how to swim When the waves of circumstances approaches. It is with faith in God That I am able to keep my head above the water.

Not ever going down When life is treating me bad But believing in His promise That He knows the plans He has for me.