I’ll never know

I’ll never know what is it that is hurting you so that is the cause of you being so low and suicide has become a friend.

Life was meant to be more than just to die and that is why I write my words to you.

The pain caused your head to think like this and it caused a depression to come into existence. Why would you want the pain to stay? Just call out to God and allow Him His way.

Then you can just like me know what it means to be free from the pain that filled your life when you realize that He is not who you thought He was.

At first it is difficult for you don’t know what’s going on but if you hold on you in time will understand why He did what He did.

I Know That You Are Dying

I Know That You Are Dying That Your Life Has Come To Nothing For You Everyday Is Like That Of A Beggar Living With No Hope Of A Better Existence.

Like Weeds Your Circumstances Has Grown To Be Too Much. It Doesn’t Seem To Get Better, Your Dreams You Had Thrown Them Down The Gutter.

All You Wish For Is The Day That You Too Must Die And To You It Doesn’t Seem To Come It’s Because You Still Have So Much To Do.

I Know That What You Had To Go Through Is The Reason For The Pain You Feel Inside But Somewhere For You Too, There Is A Light Out Of This Endless Night.

Nothing Will Make Sense Until God Does And For You God Wants To Make Sense If You Just Want To Accept Him Into Your Life.

I Know What’s Out There

I Know What’s Out There It Is What I See Everywhere. I Don’t Want To Get Addicted But For Me It’s A Way Of Escape.

Drugs, Alcohol And Cigarettes Are The Means For Me To Focus On Something Else Than On The Pain I Feel Inside.

It Is The Situations That Has Sickened My Mind To Believe That It Will Help Me To Not Always Feel The Pain You Cause Me.

Like Criminals Who Escaped They Keep Me From Facing My Reality That It’s This That I Have To Live With.

I Live In Fear That It Is Your Words That Will Hurt Me More Than Your Actions And So I Chose Them To Help Me Cope.

Words Are The Weapons

Words Are The Weapons That Came And Stole From Me My Individuality To Become The Best That I Can Be.

It Was When I Tried To Become Me That Your Words Started To Attack Like A Hungry Dog.

The Anger Your Eyes Revealed … The Hatred Your Lips Spoke … I Used To Think That I Was Dreaming But When I Awoke …

It Was The Dogs Who Attacked More That Bit Me To The Core Of My Being Not Ever Wanting To Stop.

It Opened My Old Wound And So In Time I Stopped To Count How Many Times Your Words Truck Again And Again That’s Why I’m Hurting.

Big Bully

She is a big bully
fighting this little girl
she fights with weapons
all the little girl has are books

why fight the little girl
have you forgotten
you too were once bullied
and then you rose to be queen

the little girl is harmless
all she wants is peace
freedom to pray to worship
let her be big bully

You are a queen
she will not remove your throne
persecute her more
give her freedo of religion

Creatures of the night

Night falls darkness surrounds me
it sounds the siren for them
the creatures of the night
you cannot see them
as they invade your mind
making your fears come alive

you cannot hide from your
own mind
so you wait in agony
for the dawn to arrive
when no creature can harm you

until till then you wait
to weak to fight the
creatures of the night
you created them
only you can destroy them

reaching for a little box
full of white pearls
just one you say just one
and you fall asleep
to waken at dawn


We have lowered the standards to suit us
Compromising and compensating quality for quantity
We run a race with paralyzed competitors
Shying away from pitting ourselves against the real best

We have made ourselves a people of limited potential
Refusing to push ourselves harder
We pull the finishing line backwards to shorten the race
But when we hit it we celebrate like real champs

We have promoted laziness among ourselves
Celebrating our mediocrity as the best
We create our own little comfort zone
Comforting and consoling ourselves with a whole lot of stupid excuses

We claim that we are the best
Though we know it’s not true
We put blinkers on our eyes
So we won’t see that others are doing far better than us

We blame others for our own failures
Instead of analyzing and rectifying our errors
We cry foul when things don’t go our way
The entire universe is to blame but us

We keep repeating the same old things
But expect different results
We complain about everything
Except for our own attitude and laziness

We have formed a perfect friendship with the warmth of our blankets
Why hurry out of bed
We eat far more than we earn
As we only live our lives for the present moment

After 2016 Olympics in Brazil, Rio

They asked me, where is South Africa?
I told them, it is a country situated
at the bottom Southern tip of the continent, Africa.
They did not understand.

I told them: It is where;
Wayde van Niekerk and
Caster Mokgadi Semenya
Comes from.

Again, I told them: it is where;
Sunette Viljoen
Luvo Manyonga,
Chad le Clos,
Cameron van de Burgh,
Lawrence Brittain and Shaun Keeling
Comes from

Again and again, I told them, it is where;
Blitzboks and
Henri Schoeman
Comes from.

And, they suddenly
Because, they shaped SA well
in Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil.


So you want to play God over my happiness
You decide when I can have a smile on my face
When I can have my face soaked in tears
You simply make and break my happiness

Why am I even crying
Am I crying because I dread the thought of life without you
No, I am crying because I hate every memory of the day we first met
I regret everything about that day

I regret every second of my life I have allowed you to waste
All I want now is to just forget about you and pretend like you were never there
I will forever regret giving you far too many chances
When all you ever begged for was only one

You think you have me right where you want me
Wrapped around your little finger eating from your palm
You’re convinced that I don’t know that love is not what you want me to think it is
My mind is blind I don’t see anything, you fool yourself

You want to believe that hitting and kicking me is just another way of expressing your love to me
When you yell, shout and scream at me all you are doing is loving me loudly
You seem to believe that all my pain and tears can easily be wiped and dried by a single kiss
We can just kiss make up and forget everything

There are many things

There are many things on which I can write But I want to write on living How you can get meaning Back to your life.

It is something we all are missing Until we like the people of old Start to realize who God is And then find out who we all are.

It is easier than you think to do It takes total surrender from you To God’s control When He makes a life call.

It does change a person So that you can mature in season To grow as the person you were meant to be It only takes time to see.

It is not the easiest thing to do But it has it’s advantages: It gives you a reason for living When God answers all your why questions.