Here I sit and wait,
wait in hope that happiness will come my way.
Wait in hope that my troubles will disappear.
That I will be able to see the purpose of life again.
The importance of living.

Here I am, sitting and waiting.
For my turn of happiness to come.
Happiness that is meant for me.
Unforced happiness.

Here I will sit for ever .
in hope that my happiness will find its way to me, and my troubles will disappear.
I am not yet to give up, nor not ready to quit my destiny.

Because in hope I wait, wait for a brighter day to come.

Stay Little Girl Stay

You were that butterfly, just waiting for a chance to fly
You kept asking me when, why and how, today or tomorrow?
When will you get a chance to go up high in the sky?
Acting like time is something you can only borrow

And I tell you just to slow down, relax and breathe
Just do and don’t worry if you stumble and fall
I am not going anywhere, I am not going to leave
And all you ever have to do is call

I don’t need the details of your history
Nor do I ask that you try to forget,
It may remain your personal story or mystery
Yet many of the scenes I can already set

Your tender years have already shown you needless tears
The experiences designed a formidable cocoon
Encasing all your traumatic relentless fears
But great things are to come, I promise and soon

New quests, tales and times will carry you through
Conquering what hides inside, perhaps find you a new mate
Maybe you’ll find and formulate the new you
Make new memories, a new life you could create

You will no longer hide from the child inside
I will hold your hand, allow you to explore and play
No longer be alone as I will be by your side
And maybe then in this world you’ll want to stay