If You’d Just Keep Quiet

If you’d just keep quiet-
Our kids would learn to trust
you again,
You’d restore the peace under
our roof,
You’d save our marriage.

If you’d just keep quiet-
You’d solve most of your
problems instead of focussing
on everyone else’s,
You’d do much better at your
job and earn the respect you
think you deserve.

If you’d just keep quiet-
You would have so much more
time on your hands to achieve
all you want to achieve,
You’d control your tongue
and save us a whole lot of

If you’d just keep quiet-
You’ make better decisions
and learn from those mistakes
you so often make,
The sun and moon would
smile at you every day of your

If you’d just keep quiet-
You’d be better able to control
your destiny,
You’d break free from your
own bondage,
You’d be able to handle life’s

If you’d just keep quiet, and
choose fewer words,
Your life would be a whole lot
easier than this,
You’d stay humble and be

break up songs

I went through all the Alanis Morrisette


Violent Femmes


Arctic Monkeys

I could find

trying to find something that captures like 400 film

the way my insides are twisting, my head is aching, my breathe is slowing

fuck, I even went through some Destiny’s Child, some Beck, even Eminem

but everyone is too self righteous, too angry, too sad, too pathetic, too strong, too extreme to capture on 400 film

they say in the darkest places you can find light

but where is the light in the half-dark lit by my bedside lamp?

Battle wounds

Smeared across the floor
Light flowing from the open door
I can almost feel it
Im not quite sure If I need it

My limbs broken and sore
My mind blistered to the core
I wonder how this came to be
Its unfortunate I cannot see

I do not wail
I do not morn
I break my silence with a sighful yawn

I can feel the air around my face
I can smell the damp of this place
I feel my skin has been battered and torn
I cannot help wonder why I was born