The Untold Blues Of Poetry

Still in a dream a shadowy light marches through the mind and
mist my past with a dreamy fascination, it filled all the cold voices in my imaginations

through poetry, like a ghost vanishing without a trace untold expressions cast a shadow over my imaginations, in the medit of silence crept lines, lines so diverse you bet this lie is reherrsed

my poetic being is scribbling in my mind, my thoughts are quiet and magical like the death of my character, I could’nt move to skate on the pad, I’m thinking, my mind flickering with the poetry, even the lad in me is awake, my passion, my inspiration, but I know this story wont be told

Beneath the earth Poetry is a key to a peaceful world that lies deep
within the mysteries of peace, I layeth still composing this magical bliss of sweetness I will only witness

the noise in my stress is now silence, Poetry in my head is the very best piece I have ever

all I can here is the chaos of children with echos of laughter ringging out clear, like the sound in the flaps of a butterflies wing, I realise i’v just missed a poem, I
could’nt do much it got me prisoned for reason, that why I call it, The untold blues of Poetry…

NB:The best poem I have ever read is the one that only appeared in thought

The Untold Blues Of Poetry!

What You Wish For..

Deep inside the crevices & labyrinths of my mind
Lair to the secrets you hope to uncover & find
The one’s that catapult create cause commotion
Engaging all my elicit evasive elusive emotion

You wish one day to devoutly dissect
The lullaby’s of my live wired life
The same one’s I whisper when I sleep
Hidden entombed encapsulated inside deep

You will penetrate the depths of my eyes
Attempt to subterfuge all possible lies
Offer to entwine me, envelop me embrace
Together we will conquer the world we will face

I will become your pet project, experiment
The same someone you regretfully learn to resent
You will beg, you will shout, you will plead
Tell me you will evoke the epitome of my need

You will try tear down destroy my fences
Engage my heightened sonar like senses
Compile and offer me a whole set of new rules
Even providing efficient capable custom made tools

The gnawing need persists to know my story
All the pieces, parts in real GPS time glory
To facilitate, to map, mitigate and rationalize
Eradicate secrets, stories, entertain no surprise

You command, corner me, I recoil retreat react
I promised you no secrets and I told you no lies
We made no schoolyard spit or honorable blood pact
No till death do us part nor till one of us dies

…………Tell me you want my Secrets or Sex?