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photo of ghee diwas What is it that you see and feel when you see these lamps? Are you indifferent to them? Or do they inspire you?


  1. The coquettish nature if lighting a lamp or candle has always filled me with a deep sense of disconnect. No doubt, barbarism, as a sort of meme, informs me that lighting a candle against the dark is a reasonable act, born of necessitiy. I mean, one can warrant the basic understanding of light shedding darkness as a radical transformation in the way we look at the world. But what, if anything, necessitates it in this day and age? Unless it’s the basic function of the thing itself?

    It is a railing, a way of crying out against something, anything. Humans always need strife. They like to complain, they like turmoil. It helps them to grow. It is a necessitiy. Let me explain. We look at the sky. We create religion. We discard religiom, for science. Science is reasonable. It is fact. It sheds light on certain religious factors, making them fact – instead or resolved fictions and myths. Science creates quantum mechanics, which makes the world full of unseen workings, chaos and dark matter; full of things we will probably never, ever know about.

    Why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

  2. I see serenity and peace

  3. If I was younger,I would of said those lights remind me of load shedding haha excellent response. But now,since I have gained more experience than my 14 year old self I would say candles remind me of lose, heart ache, pain, grieve, sufferings. Most cultures use candles as a way of showing respect to those who are not among us anymore, and seeing those candles remind me of how sad and depressed I was that my father sent me away so that he could die without me witnessing it. I was never given an opportunity to light a candle for him. but deep deep deep down, there’s a candle burning for him keeping the pain, hurt and lose at bay as the light keeps the dark away..

  4. A light is a symbol of hope,it brings peace to my soul.

  5. The lamps symbolizes life… as with each human each lamp’s flame is unique and one day each flame, like every human, when it’s served it’s purpose and it’s time has come, will be no more…

  6. A light represents our lives and as you feed your soul spiritually with love , peace, hope, faith the flames (which represent oil) they light continues to burn. At the end of our journey called life our wick goes off as a symbol of the end of the race.

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