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Introduction to Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is an extremely concise work of fiction.

While there is no widely accepted norm in terms of its length, some self-described markets for this category impose lower limits as low as 300 words. Others consider stories as long as 1,000 words to be a more appropriate length for this genre of writing.

The Secret Life of Sea Urchins

Once upon a time, there was a young turtle named Geeta. For many moons she pondered about what to do with her life. Then suddenly it came to her: she would write a short story about the secret life of sea urchins.

Now sea urchins are fascinating creatures… (to be continued)

Introductory Image to Word post

photo of ghee diwas What is it that you see and feel when you see these lamps? Are you indifferent to them? Or do they inspire you?

Hello World Haiku

Let’s say “hello world”
as we start on this journey
Welcome WritingWorks!

Hello world!

Welcome to WritingWorks, a joint venture between the Wits Writing Centre and MistryWorks. This portal aims to encourage, support and promote writers and poets in South Africa.