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Around the Corner

Ten year old Nooruddeen stared impatiently at the clock. Two minutes to go, he watched as the second hand ticked its way steadily round in almost slow motion. At last the bell rang and the entire school ruptured with the sound of squeaking chairs and running footsteps.

He sprang from his chair and darted for the door. He ran home, not even noticing the street cricket game that the neighbourhood kids had begun to play. When he reached home, he ate the sandwich, which his mom had prepared, and quietly went to his room to start on his homework. His mom noticed that her son was not really being his usual playful self, and tapped on the room door.

“Is everything alright? You’ve been very quiet since you got home.”

“I’m fine, mom. Just doing my homework. Please let me know when dad gets home from work.” her son replied.

His mom’s curiosity grew, but she accepted the response, and decided to start on supper.

The afternoon went by quite quickly, and the little boy’s father was soon home. Nooruddeen was out of his room, before his mom informed him of his dad’s return. He opened the door just as his dad turned the key. His dad greeted him with a smile; he knew his son had something on his mind.

As his father laid down his bag, and handed mom the bag of goodies she had requested, his father asked, “How is it, son? How was school?

Nooruddeen replied, “School was good, dad. I actually wanted to let you know that I passed the Math test with an A…”

Dad responded pleased, “ Good stuff!”

His son added, “Remember you promised that I could ask for anything if I passed well.”

His dad’s face cast a knowing smile and he replied, “ Yes, I do. What do you want, son, you’ve earned it. Name it?’

Nooruddeen promptly responded, “ All I want is to shave my head.”

His mom, who had been quietly listening to the exchange between father and son, let out a little laugh. The father’s brow furrowed, and he asked with feigned confusion, “ Err, what did you say?”

His mom heard him, all right, and began frantically ranting about how the youth of today were so impressionable, and this was only the beginning of worse to come.

All the while the little boy, listened, and waited for his mom to finish. He then repeated, “ Dad, you promised me ‘anything’, and I would like to shave my head bald, please.”

The father protested in vain, “ I know I said that, but I assumed you would want a bike or something reasonable, not this”

His mom then jumped in, “ You can’t be serious?”

The little boy remained unmoved, “ This is all I am asking for.”

The father stared at his son , and gave in, much to the dismay of his wife. That said and done, the next day, the father accompanied his son to the local barber.

On the way there, thoughts of dread were coiled in his mind. He could not figure out what they, as parents, had done wrong. He looked at his son, walking beside him…for the first time he did know what Nooruddeen was thinking. This disturbed him.

As the barber began shaving Nooruddeen’s head, he looked curiously at the boy’s father, who pretended not to notice and flipped a magazine. In less than ten minutes, it was all over. Nooruddeen happily sprang out of the chair, and ran his hand over his clean-shaven head, quite pleased with himself, as he went out the door and waited for his dad.

As his father stepped out, he noticed another little boy, head shaven too, and a man approaching them from around the corner. The boy seemed to know his son, and was clearly impressed with his son’s new hairstyle. The man, who appeared to be the boy’s father, spoke at this point to him, “You should be very proud of your son…” Nooruddeen’s dad was bewildered and asked,” Whatever do you mean?”

The man smiled and said,” My son was diagnosed with cancer and had been attending chemotherapy sessions, which caused him to lose all his hair. He had been having a rough time at school. All the other kids were teasing him pretty badly. Your son just told him, not to worry, he would sort it out.”

Low fat love

I dont want

Watered down
lack lustre

Luke warm

Medium rare
Not quite crispy

Half empty
Low fat

Give me

Full cream


Runneth over
Full cream

It’s not worth it if it’s not full cream

My Hat Collection

I have many hats. I wear them very proudly. Some hats I only wear for short periods of time, others I wear for longer and spend more time perfecting them. For example, my daughter-in-law hat, it doesn’t match any of my clothes, its ill fitting and very much “not me”. But I wear it on birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. I pretend to enjoy it and sometimes I do, but mostly, it’s too small and makes my head itch.

My wife hat is one I am still learning to wear, but I look so good in it. People stare at me in amazement when I wear it. They ogle it and touch it. They comment on how spectacular it is. It makes me feel unique and special. It fits me perfectly. The colours and textures of my wife hat are magnificent. They blend well and they bring out the sparkle in my eye. My wife hat makes me smile whenever I wear it. There are days though, when my hat annoys me, which is very normal for wife hats.

My wife loves it when I wear my sex goddess hat and nothing else. I only wear it for her. Don’t get me wrong, others have seen it, but she’s the only one I wear it for now. She’s the one who brings it out in me. In fact, before her, it was just a sex hat, she helped me sculpt and mould it to what it is today. When I wear my sex goddess hat, I feel like a purring tigress. Like a wild woman, free from bondage and inhibitions. This hat is red with black lace. It’s a work of art. It makes me feel sensual; it brings out the sexy in my smile. I get goosebumps all over when I wear it.

My mother hat is the one I wear the most and love the best. It was made for my head. When I wear it, I feel strong. It’s the hat in which I learn the most. And boy, do I learn?! I learn about boundaries, about unconditional love, about acceptance, about pure joy and I learn a lot about SpongeBob Squarepants and Barney. I need energy when I wear this hat. I need to be able to run around, jump up and down, climb things, have things climb me and generally be a jungle gym. I smile a lot when I wear my mother hat. I giggle, tickle, roll on the ground and laugh out loud, A LOT! My mother hat is cool, I will have two mother hats someday, but for now I am perfecting the one I have. My mother hat is cute too. The cutest hat you’ll ever encounter. Ask anyone!

Then there’s my lesbian hat. I like this one. I’ve shared it with many other women. It’s well worn. I’ve been around the block a few times sporting this hat. It’s like my security blanket. It comforts me. I’ve done some crazy things in my lesbian hat. The stories it would tell! It’s seen things. I’ve worn it to marches and rallies. I wore it to poetry circles, clubs, parades and more clubs. I’ve worn it to softball, soccer and rugby matches. I wear it to work and at home with the people I love. I feel proud when I wear it. I feel a deep sense of belonging around other women who wear lesbian hats. I feel a sense of camaraderie, a sense of being bound to others because we wear the same hat. I have listened to coming out stories, told my story and cried so many times wearing my lesbian hat. My lesbian hat is one I will always wear, to show other people that wearing it is not wrong. To show people that my lesbian hat fits me perfectly, just as yours fits you. Come to think of it, I am always wearing this hat, even when I wear others.

Then there’s my poet hat. This hat and I go way back. It took a while for me to recognize that this hat is mine. I denied it for many years. Thought this hat wasn’t good enough to be worn. But as time went on and I spent more time wearing it, I realized that it does suite me. I realized that it looks bloody good on me. I wear it often now. And I invite others to wear it. So we get together once a month and wear our poet hats, and we share with each other. We laugh and talk and learn with each other, wearing our hats.