Archives for December 10, 2011


Men are honest with their body language.
Men are pretty honest with their attempts and courage,
but are also carelessly honest when it comes to BOREDOME!

Love Still Revolved

Expect insanity when love is involved,
Many have evolved through marriages over the ages,
Love Still Revolved.

Wish we could start off as cocoons,
and end up as beautiful as butterflies.
Rather we start off flanboyant and colourful,
but end up ugly after many attempts and tries.
Love Still revolved!


“HEAVENLY FATHER” approach me,
I’m in need of your touch-come hold me,
No luck! just stuck nowhere with no plan.
Make me a “STRONG MAN”

Materialistic Wishes

Materialistic Wishes teaches greed,
envy and the art of being selfish.
Humbled courage improves commitment towards one’s heart.
The latter has never been easy but hard.
However, once achieved-one can never lose their soul and grow apart.