Voiceless Masses

With hands tied firmly behind backs
Our hearts bleed drops of sorrow,
Dripping, soaking into the ground.
The screaming sounds so loud in our heads
But there is no sound
We are the voiceless masses
The silent faces.
The blank ballot papers.

Anger surges from our pores
Emerced in feelings of helplessness
Meat falling off the bones
The decaying carcass of hope
Lies lifeless
We are the voiceless masses
The silent faces
The blank ballot papers.

We are the ones who must change
Change to fit into your paradigm
Your narrowed, skewed, hurtful view.
We must wear flowering dresses with bows in our hair and pink lips,
We fail to exist if not for the gaping hole you so brutally rip apart
Bricks smashed bodies, hate perforates our souls
Protection eludes us.
We are the voiceless masses
The silent faces
The blank ballot papers.

But we are not victims
We do not crawl into your boxes and hide.
We do not lie down and play dead because you are theatened by our might
We are powerful,
in your face,
fists in the air,
And you cannot break us.
Because our voices will be heard across our beautiful land
Our faces will be imprinted into your consciousness
And our ballot papers will be marked with the blood of our slaughtered sisters

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