So many people walk through life, with the idea in their heads,
that someone else is responsible for their success and daily breads.
They praise his name and blank their thoughts, on occasions when they win
and when they lose, it’s not their fault, “it must be worldly sin”.

No doubt, it must be comforting, to have him control your life;
he picks you up, when you are down and carries you through strife.
Late at night, all alone, someone knows your thoughts.
Believe enough, you’ll have your way, on healing, peace, all-sorts!

“But, is he there,” we people ask, “bestowing on us glory?”
“Or, have they just filled in the blanks, with nothing but a story?”
To us, it seems, minds applied, there’s simply not enough,
to suggest that the universe comprises more than stuff.

We live our lives, in our own minds and earn our daily bread,
and when we don’t, we do not blame a holy page, unread.
Our failure’s ours, but, then again, so is our success.
We never need relinquish it to some ‘being’ who did bless.

When you see that it’s you, who steers your worldly path,
then you’re the judge, the man in charge, the one who hands down wrath.
For, in your dreams, you will be judged by your subconscious mind
and it’s this alter-ego, who knows of your unkind.

And so, you see, it’s not the struggle to sit on a cloud,
but, rather, to reach end of days, looking back, feeling proud.
We need not search through books about divine morality,
when we can be the persons, with whom friends we’d want to be.

In the end, should we find that we wooled-over our own eyes,
we’ve had an answer for some time, it may come as surprise.
For, if, one day, we find we’re asked why we disbelieved,
we’ll tell Bertie’s God, “non-evidence is what had us all deceived!”

If, as many thinkers think, we all cease to exist,
as a fairly decent way to go, it cannot be dismissed.
In not existing, even though good times will not be had,
we will not be experiencing it, so, it cannot be that bad.

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