Archives for April 16, 2012

Come Home

Drowning in the four oceans of misery,
Pain, disappointment, guilt and heartache
I’ve brought this on myself and I’m ashamed
I’ve sinned against God and Mankind
How do I put together what I’ve broken?
I’ve poured out my heart with every word spoken.

I prayed for forgiveness and begged for help
My heart is aching and I feel like I’m in hell
You are my destiny, how can you not see?
You helped me through my stormy days
Comforted by the love you’ve shown me.

Come home, oh please come home
My life has no meaning without you
I can’t eat; I can’t sleep all on my own.
I know I’ve done you wrong
But please show some love
Please play your hearts song
Come home, Oh please…
come home.

Done By: Angelo Hedley

Emotional murder

Every negative word you utter
Slices deep like a dagger
Slowly splitting us apart
As the Blood of the innocent
Spills on the carpet…
Is this what our seed should grow up with?

The beauty that shined deep in your eyes
Now with no heart, it only shows lies
And as your touch turns colder and colder
My heart screams emotional murder!
For every moment that you away
Is as cold as when we lay
You on your side, me on mine..
And tomorrow starts another cold day.

Done by: Angelo Hedley