Archives for October 15, 2012

What i wish to be

i wish to be a whore of horror and gore
where no priest or saint can save me
my legs apart, i’m aching to start
im naked and waiting.

I would reek of cum in the dining halls
my tits always on display
at a glance you would feel repelled
and in disgust you would look away.

my sheets will be soiled with semen and shit
my skin blistered and sore
but nothing will compare to the open scabs
lining the frame of my door.

there is no lock so any swinging cock is able to come in
have his way
jiz and pray
that he doesnt catch anything

but pray in vane you will my boy
i will not leave you without a sore
my cunt enjoys this game you see
and looks forward to more..

Battle wounds

Smeared across the floor
Light flowing from the open door
I can almost feel it
Im not quite sure If I need it

My limbs broken and sore
My mind blistered to the core
I wonder how this came to be
Its unfortunate I cannot see

I do not wail
I do not morn
I break my silence with a sighful yawn

I can feel the air around my face
I can smell the damp of this place
I feel my skin has been battered and torn
I cannot help wonder why I was born