Conform You Say?

I sit and I wonder, what will this be?
I’m lost and confused and unable to see…
“Live,” she says, “Live – give into your desire.”
Perhaps she thinks she is beyond the words of the squire.
She tells us to “be ourselves, don’t worry what they say,
one day you will see, you will have your say.”
For now we are expected just to walk in your way,
believe all that you do and all that you say.
You criticize and bash all that is real and true,
so I have made my final decision,
I will keep running
from you.

“Come back!” you scream, “you think you’re
better then us?”
“Ha,” she screams, “try run from me, you will
see, dear girl, there’s no other way to be.”
I will not conform, I will not do as they say!
So to that, my friends,
I will relay, “Adu, Adu to you and you and you!”
as they sing in that dreadful song.
Give up on the truth, conform to their lies,
and perhaps one day you may get a ‘nice’ surprise!

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, don’t cry when I say,
“I told you it was dangerous but you brushed my warnings away,”
Too late,
it is done –
the action has passed,
however it is not to late
to fix the past.

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