Wake up in love

Wake up in love

Wipe the sleep from your eyes…
Open the windows to your soul
Open your heart, child of life,
Now – fill it with love

Stretch your arms there’s no ceiling…
Reaching only for light
Stand tall now, child of life,
Stand tall, you have been counted

Breathe deep in love into ever-now…
Fill your lungs with the Divine
The taste of love, dear child of life,
Is exhaling knowing this presence

Feel joy in your energy body…
Savour the vibration of bliss
Loving the all as is, child of life,
Transcending in un-waivering faith

Aligning now with your beginning…
Beginning to experience no end
Eternal to your core, sweet child of life,
Worthy – is how you were born

Greet the new day as greeted…
Returning the love and the light
Smile wide as you can child of life now,
Then catch life smiling right back

Thankful in mind and in spirit…
Creating your day so in love
Appreciating as you go, child of life,
Gifting the day’s Giver… in love.


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