Perhaps it’s time to take a step back,
Visualise myself standing on a hill with fresh breeze waving against my skin,
Let my imaginative eye look down memory lane,
Then let flash backs of my young life flow.

From the little girl with a vivid imagination,
Dreams to reach for the stars,
Ambitions that pulsate on her veins.

Right up to the moments I lost my innocents,
Brought life into this universe,
My daughter whom my heart cannot do without.

Let me acknowledge the eighteen hour day,
Eighteen hours of hard labour,
All because I have a womb,
All because I have a heart.

Moments came,
They put a smile on my face,
They wore me out,
They challenged me,
Burdened my soul,
Yet my wisdom kept my shoulders from falling.

I cry because I’m human,
I fight because I cannot run forever,
I smile because I need to,
I dream because I’m worth better,
I live because my maker’s desires pends fulfillment,
I’m me
And then a woman.

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