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Are You Still?

I’m alone on a playground;

Girl lost in your hometown;

Searching for you but you’re no where to be found;

Are you stilll in love with me?;


Like the way you used to be;

Or has the flame dissapeared;

Loosing you was my biggest fear;

I wish I still had your love here;


Tears are the only reminder of your memory;

So much time has passed and I’m still stuck;

Haunted by thoughts of us;

I wonder if I ever cross your mind;


Or am I alone this time;

I took your love for granted, I wish I loved you right;

Staring at photographs of you and I ;

While tears blur my vision as I cry’


The biggest part of my heart walked away;

When I still miss her face;

And those girls around me can’t fulfill this empty space;

Begging God to give me the power to go back in time;


To relive the days when you were mine;

I’ve been broken even though I told you I was fine;

When the truth is babygirl I wish you were still mine

What You Wish For..

Deep inside the crevices & labyrinths of my mind
Lair to the secrets you hope to uncover & find
The one’s that catapult create cause commotion
Engaging all my elicit evasive elusive emotion

You wish one day to devoutly dissect
The lullaby’s of my live wired life
The same one’s I whisper when I sleep
Hidden entombed encapsulated inside deep

You will penetrate the depths of my eyes
Attempt to subterfuge all possible lies
Offer to entwine me, envelop me embrace
Together we will conquer the world we will face

I will become your pet project, experiment
The same someone you regretfully learn to resent
You will beg, you will shout, you will plead
Tell me you will evoke the epitome of my need

You will try tear down destroy my fences
Engage my heightened sonar like senses
Compile and offer me a whole set of new rules
Even providing efficient capable custom made tools

The gnawing need persists to know my story
All the pieces, parts in real GPS time glory
To facilitate, to map, mitigate and rationalize
Eradicate secrets, stories, entertain no surprise

You command, corner me, I recoil retreat react
I promised you no secrets and I told you no lies
We made no schoolyard spit or honorable blood pact
No till death do us part nor till one of us dies

…………Tell me you want my Secrets or Sex?

Fare Thee Well, Madiba

Goodbye, Grand Warrior of Mveso
Of Qunu, of Transkei, of Soweto
Grand Warrior of Rivonia and Robben Island
Goodbye, Grand Warrior of Azania, of Africa
Fare thee well, beloved icon of the World
Fare thee well, resilient Madiba

I speak not with anger though I ought to
I speak not with bitterness though I should
These you banished, Grand Warrior
When you embraced humanity and hope
You battled anger, bitterness and vengeance
You won peace, truth and freedom

And you won Africa and the World
Grand Warrior, you won them all
You won me over, too, Madiba
For while you were on the Isle
Frozen in time and space
Anger and vengeance we embraced

Where are our people? (Silence)
What have you done to our people? (Silence)
Where is the justice for our people? (Silence)
Can silence answer me? (Silence)
What’s that you say? What?
And again they responded with silence.

Why, we asked, why this impunity?
Why pretend to be a Nation
A Nation, that is, without a State?
Was that not, we asked ourselves,
What you were prepared to die for?
What you were frozen in time and space for?

So, anger we seized, arms outstretched
And stoked the fire of vengeance, yes
Many were the casualties, as you know
And much blood was shed and limbs broken
As witness the myriad battles and battlefronts
That turned South Africa into a war zone

Then finally and triumphantly, Grand Warrior
You and the thousands that were incarcerated
For giving voice or limb to our cause
Returned home, Grand Warrior,
As free men and women of a Nation
In need of a leader and a Vision

You gave us that, Grand Warrior
You conquered my anger and my bitterness
You conquered my vengeance, Madiba
You showed the World the way, Madiba
And forged a great nation, the Rainbow Nation
I was there with the happy multitudes

Yet now I must accept the dictates of life
The dictates of humanity, of who we are
You leave us a strong Nation, South Africa
Where we had lived like unwelcome strangers
We are now the proud owners and shapers
Of our collective destiny and inheritance

I know and we all know that your life
Great Son of Hendry and Nosekeni
Descendant of King Ngubengcuka
I say we now know without a doubt
That your life had a great purpose
And your departure a great legacy

How does one mourn a hero of your stature?
How does one mourn a great statesman?
How does one mourn a Grand Warrior?
Except to say you were posted to Azania
That we may see the light and be free
And are now en route to another front?

Go well, my brother, Great Son of Africa
We shall never forget, brother mine,
Carne da mesma carne, sim,
Your call for peaceful coexistence
For we know, my brother, yes, we know
We are in the same South Africa boat.

I want you to know, Madiba, my Brother,
As you embark on your final journey
That millions are distraught to see you go
And that of all those, I am the most distraught.
May your legacy endure throughout the ages!
Goodbye, symbol of our freedom, adeus.

Lessons in Lectures of Love

You weave wondrous webs with words
Practise percolate perfect & perform
You spin sexy synonyms secretly seducing sanctions
Litigate lustful liaisons languidly

You school this student serendipitously
Tormenting teasing tantalising
You acquire avant garde aptitude
Cautiously coaxing committed candour

You reward religiously rightfully
Manifesting in momentarily madness & mayhem
You devise in detailed determination
Her orgasm in opaque oblivion

Dinner Date

Bring all your revenges to the table
Sit them down and serve them well
Crystal cut glass, French Champagne
And listen to the stories that they will tell

Place guilt across from regret
Whilst heartbreak and sin reacquaint
Thoughts starched up cotton napkins
Dine with both the sinner and the saint

Lies like locust swarms spelt in sentences on the menu
Anger boils over erupts spoiling the setting
Ego attempts a humble hasty intervention
But memories x-ray sharp prevent forgetting

Tensions trek arduously around this table
Whilst fear scavenges for dirty little secrets
Elusive emotion makes an elegant appearance
Upping the ante, everyone taking side bets

I thought I heard someone call my name
It was coward hiding behind the door post
How could I not go to his aid?
I really must leave and assist him, after all I am the host

Stay Little Girl Stay

You were that butterfly, just waiting for a chance to fly
You kept asking me when, why and how, today or tomorrow?
When will you get a chance to go up high in the sky?
Acting like time is something you can only borrow

And I tell you just to slow down, relax and breathe
Just do and don’t worry if you stumble and fall
I am not going anywhere, I am not going to leave
And all you ever have to do is call

I don’t need the details of your history
Nor do I ask that you try to forget,
It may remain your personal story or mystery
Yet many of the scenes I can already set

Your tender years have already shown you needless tears
The experiences designed a formidable cocoon
Encasing all your traumatic relentless fears
But great things are to come, I promise and soon

New quests, tales and times will carry you through
Conquering what hides inside, perhaps find you a new mate
Maybe you’ll find and formulate the new you
Make new memories, a new life you could create

You will no longer hide from the child inside
I will hold your hand, allow you to explore and play
No longer be alone as I will be by your side
And maybe then in this world you’ll want to stay


It all started so well
As you were enchanted by her spell
As if your unbreakable love
was liberated from above


Created was a bond so strong
All believed it could last so long
As you walked along
All could hear her song


It was the warm chanting
By the one enchanting
By the one entangling
By the one so enticing


When there was no light
And you could not sleep at night
You would be infused with might
When she says it will be all right


But one night she returned late
And was lured by another’s bait
From that fateful date
Eternally altered was your fate
As well as that of your mate
For deeply stained was her slate

So what can be done?
This can not possibly be fun
The bond with your best one
Is entirely shattered and done


If only you could pretend
Even for only one weekend
That all could be the same
With your perfect dame


No longer can you play
In the same old way
No matter what you may say
You will have to make your own way


But if you are to reciprocate
You would be no better mate
You should be truly mature
And look towards your future


For after this unfortunate incidence
There is no more need for persistence
It is time for transcendence
Time to gain your independence


The Knave

There existed a Knave
That rose from the grave
Those few that were brave
Tried him to save
But made new was a slave
For grave’s knave


He possessed a great need
He always hungered to feed
So he increased his speed
And performed the deed
Many did he bleed
As he planted his seed

When with victims he did deal
He could perennially feel
An overwhelming zeal
After the fate of his meal
He did so cruelly seal
Never again were they real

But clearer was his sight
Superior was his height
Greater was his might
Fiercer was his fight
And further reached his blight
In the depth of the night

In a distant mire
Burning eternally was the fire
From many a funeral pyre
Times were dire
But this was the desire
Of Darkness esquire
That lead Death’s choir
The Demonic Vampire

You and I

U n I are kindred spirits we far apart physically yes but spiritual we are attached

Like the ying n yang we balance each other, we like a fraction sum, what u do to 1 u must do to the other I don’t catch u wen u fall, when u fall I fall with u, catching u makes me see u as weak whereas falling makes me feel the same pain as u feel n wen u rise I rise with u it makes me witness your strength I fall where u fall, when u rise again I rise with u

If love shall be discovered within us let it be as a flower, u the sun, I the rain together we shall make it grow. If life arises from us let it be with a world, u the land, I the sea. You keep everything stable n once it stable I allow it to flow. Together u n I will make our world flow in a stable manner

If we shall fight against obstacles but find them hard to overcome let us be like mountains n stand our ground firm, hard n high. Let the rains n storms of life n challengers fall up us and let us not be shaken lets us not move an inch but allow us to stand our ground

If ever the combination of love, life and living exists between us let it be a story of bravery which we will tell our kids n they’ll tell their kids let it be a story shared among our family tree for eternity If ever marriage falls upon us let us not love till death do us apart but instead let us die n wait for each other in heaven so when we again together we may carry on as lovers. In heaven right before God n all the angels. Let them witness through us the ultimate rawness of true love

Our eyes haven’t looked @ each other our lips haven’t kissed our hands haven’t touched but our souls have taken journeys inside one another our spirits have kissed laughed n played many times

When He *the creator* designed your body n mine he poured my blood unto u n your blood unto me. I’m the blood of your blood n so u are mine U are the blood of my blood n so am I too

Let the complications n con fusions of your life in my life merge into one.

Let me love you and you love me the same


It was a cool calm, yet breezy, settling Sunday morning
As I braved the unsettling characteristic darkness of my mind
I permitted peace and clarity to permeate my thought processes
As the thunderous, irrepressible force of expectations drowns within me

The safe, synchronized, symphony of sequenced sensibility settled my mind
As an asymmetric condensation of chilling emotion fills my being
The eye of my mind seems never to truly conceive my unparalleled reality
It merely endeavors to assigns various layers of context
To my warped array of myriad experiences