Are You Still?

I’m alone on a playground;

Girl lost in your hometown;

Searching for you but you’re no where to be found;

Are you stilll in love with me?;


Like the way you used to be;

Or has the flame dissapeared;

Loosing you was my biggest fear;

I wish I still had your love here;


Tears are the only reminder of your memory;

So much time has passed and I’m still stuck;

Haunted by thoughts of us;

I wonder if I ever cross your mind;


Or am I alone this time;

I took your love for granted, I wish I loved you right;

Staring at photographs of you and I ;

While tears blur my vision as I cry’


The biggest part of my heart walked away;

When I still miss her face;

And those girls around me can’t fulfill this empty space;

Begging God to give me the power to go back in time;


To relive the days when you were mine;

I’ve been broken even though I told you I was fine;

When the truth is babygirl I wish you were still mine

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