Archives for May 23, 2014


Beneath these dark waters rested my past
Proteus calming the ocean’s barks at night,
Every animal screaming from Noah’s Ark;
Mate us how, when it’s only one kind of us?

In these present times, cannot swim no more
To surfaces where stiff corpses turned pale,
Thrown out the ship, relatives on board gone
Voyage underwater is travelled with no permit.

Black yellow and brown was the colour shot,
Unjust laws enforced, human right fought for
In 1994, thought to be mourned and thought of
Statues of slaves installed in concentrated Malls.

Presently, one should not proclaim to herd pigs
A group of gods consented to slay eaters of pork,
My hands stretched, horns growing under armpits
Pain piecing my skin was another Apartheid born.