My First Son (Requested By Fowzia Mansoor)

You were never a mistake, I don’t care what people say;
If you were by chance, you would be the best mistake I’ve ever made;
I’ve been taught that wishes never come true;
But that all changed the day God gave me you;

I’ve always heard about true love;
But never believed it to be true until I had my very first son;
Looked into your eyes for the very first time;
And I knew God heard me every time I cried;

Days I felt all alone and broken inside;
All those times I was broken and never understanding the reasons why;
The rise was worth all the falls;
You were the reason for it all;

If I had too, I’d do it all over again without thinking twice;
And go through all the trials I’ve had in my life;
You made all those hard times easy to take;
They prepared me for this special day;

The day I was given an angel from up above;
In the form of my very first son;
I never understood the bond between a mother and her child;
That she would do anything for her seed even sacrifice her own life;

I’d give up all I have just to keep the smile upon your face;
And I’ll do that until my dying day;
So I don’t care what people say or claim by saying you were a mistake;
Cause even if that was true, my boy you were the best mistake I ever made.

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