Still Do

I miss you and it’s so obvious to see;

Even if I still pretend that you me nothing to me;

I have my heart but you own the key;

If only you knew how I really feel;


I go out every night in hopes to forget about what used to be;

Only to find that I’m still bound by your endless beauty;

She tries to offer me peace as she lays by my side;

I act as if I feel the same when I know it’s all a lie;


You’re on my mind all the time;

Wondering who’s loving the girl I used to call mine;

The one I thought I’d love for more than a just one lifetime;

I never planned to be without you that’s why it’s so hard to take;


I thought this was true love when it was just a mistake;

I thought this was real when it was all fake;

I subside my pain with alcohol just to get through every day;

You took my soul with you when you walked away;


The rise with you was worth the fall;

I dial your number but before you pick up I end the call;

It’s childish I know but what else can I do;

When all I seem to do is think about you;


Maybe I should just try harder to let go;

But how can I if you were the essence of my soul;

The only love I’ve ever know;

It’s not as easy for me to do;


Finding someone else to replace you;

My love for you was true;

I can pretend I don’t care anymore girl but my heart knows the truth;

I’m only lying to myself when I say I don’t love you, when everyone knows I still do.


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