The laughing carcass

I’m back –
I’ve made a full recovery
From being condemned
To inferiority
They’ve said

The qualities
Of ghosts no longer
Frighten me senseless
Like needles and nurses
The taste of both that I feel

In segments
And how it hurts like fresh tulips
The fate of snow
In my gloved hands
Life has become the enemy

Standing in front
Of the mouth of an open grave
With my purse mourning
Morning and how it inflicts
Pain on my existence

Or being thrust
Into an hallucination
Dissolving into
A blank space, stiff, comatose
A carcass – an experiment

I want to be –
Surrounded by mountains again
My home, my home, my feast
Your death-ray is a distraction
There is only silence now

In this velvet garden
Of green leaves on the arms of trees
The sun, black butterflies
Is like the wheel
Simple machinery

Alien face in the mirror
You seem to be embarrassed
To be alive, of having wasted
Your life away in hospitals
Gorgeous swimmer – project yourself.

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