What they didn’t know

What they didn’t know

What she didn’t know was that she’d received the bursary from the University and the acceptance letter was coming that day, after countless rejection letters, when she drank those tablets and closed her eyes for the last time.

He didn’t know that the HR administrator was going to call him to confirm that he had indeed gotten the job, after waiting for more then 2 weeks for an answer.

She didn’t realize that her baby would grow up to be a President when she went for the abortion even though she heard a small voice saying “don’t do it”. All because her immediate circumstances looked hopeless.

She couldn’t believe that she’d be loved again by a man that had been dreaming of her all his life, after her heart was broken and decided to pull the trigger.

They didn’t realize that the bad days would soon end.
That the pain would end eventually.
That the tears and sweat would eventually pay off
Because they had lost all hope in life ever becoming better.

Suicide is never a solution. It’s a fact: the bad days will end.

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