Mo’ Money Mo Problems

More money, more problems turned out to be true;
I thought having it all would let life have a better point of view;
I’ve blown more snow than Everest’s peaks have ever seen;
I’ve got all I want or need, nothing to stop me;

I’ve found without boundries in between;
I’m slowly deteriorating;
I wish I could go back in time;
To when I prayed for better days every night;

When even one dime was hard to find;
Cause now my bank account has no limits at all;
And it makes temptations harder to fight, so it’s a never ending free fall;

People around you are fake;
Friends you knew for years have changed;
People go out of their way;
To treat you like a god in hopes you throw cash their way;

They start simple convo but “Can you help” is the next thing they say;
Now I avoid those I held close to my heart;
Cause instead of cash changing me it changed them pretty fast;

I got to analyse every word I hear;
And I wanna be distant towards those I’m supposed keep near;
I worked all my life just to get here;
Now I’m looking back at poverty with tears;

Who knew I’d miss the days I used too hate;
Who knew fortune and fame would be so hard to take;
It’s a burden I want to give away;
I want to go back to when people treated me like a normal man;

I know this seems hard to understand;
How could I want to not have anything I want, when I want at anytime;
Just one swipe and the world is mine;
But when you go to resturants and everyone treats you like a King;

And you know they only doing it to get something;
I hate the fake, I always have;
And now I have to face it all the time, it makes me mad;
I thought this is what I want, the world as my slave;

Now that I have it I miss my darker days;
Money people said would change me, that’ s not the case;
It changed the world around me and shit is strange;
To think God died and the world is now at His beg and call;

I tried to wear His crown, but it’s become too heavy and it’s starting to fall;
”What does it profit a man to gain the world but to loose his soul” I never understood that phrase;
But now it’s as clear as day;

I’ve even tried to give as much cash as I can away;
But my bank account never seems to fade;
I’ve bought all I want;
I don’t even want anything anymore;

I aint trying to brag;
This is wisdom from an experienced man;
Listen to the words I say;
Don’t chase money or fame;

I’ve chased it all my life while neglecting things I wish I still had today;
I wish I could go back to when money was far away;
I’ve become too succesful now so it’s too late;

If I could redo things I’d have treated her right instead of pushing her away;
I’d have never pursued money or fame;
Perhaps I’d have true love now and even a family;
Instead I’m surround by cash but I’m ever so lonely

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