Jesus (Nothing But The Blood)

Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree;

You were born only to be crucified on a lonely old hill called “Calvery”;

Knowing beforehand the pain You’d endure and feel every little inch;

You were already a King and by default You already owned all the Glory and Praise;


Only to come and rescue the same people who threw Your Father’s love back in His face;

If I was You I’d never choose to do the same;

Knowing I was going to be killed by those I was sent too save;

Instead of admitting they made a mistake, between woman and man, they shifted the blame;


Only to point to that old serpant, the devil, the snake;

If they did my Father that way, I’d have said let them burn in hell’s flames;

I wonder how deep is Your love, that You thought my wretched soul worthy enough to leave Your throne just to die like a nameless slave;

Tears fall whenever I sing Your praise;


Tears of healing, a feeling words could never be worthy enough to explain;

Mountains turn to anthill mounds at the mention of Your name;

Hell said “It’s over”, they started the party when You passed away;

I guess they let down their guard and failed to notice You rise on that 3rd day;


I’d give anything just to see the devil’s face;

The moment You entered Hades and snatched the keys away;

While doing a double over death and the grave;

As You looked the devil straight in the eyes, snapped Your fingers and said “Hellllloo, I’m Baaack!!!”


That’s why I stand by these words so true;

“Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” for without the blood I’d be screwed;

People play the cross of as if it were a waste of time and loose the essence of You;

But Jesus, I wanna give You the biggest praise, the highest military salute, for I know, I’d be in Hell if it weren’t for You


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