Jesus I’m Sorry

I’m sorry for every single lonely tear I’ve forced from Your precious eyes;

I’m sorry for always choosing sin instead of choosing to do what You’d like;

And I’m sorry for taking Your presence for granted with every year gone by;

Jesus I’m sorry for only calling You in troubled times;


I’m sorry for the undeserved praises I never sent up to the sky;

I’m sorry for getting angry with You and starting a fight when I know the blame was all mine;

I’m sorry for not reading Your word when You beckon on me day and night;

I’m sorry for putting You last on my list, when You should be first in line;


I’m sorry for not going to church on Sunday mornings while I’m still alive;

I’m sorry for hating on Your people when I act selfish sometimes;

I’m sorry for complaining about the good and the bad things in my life;

I’m sorry for putting You to shame when You and Heaven look down and see me acting the fool at times;


I’m sorry for prooving Your sceptics right who told You to give up on me, I’m a waste of time;

I’m sorry for prooving the devil right when he laughs and tells You I’m only calling You when I need You to rescue me from the problems I’ve made;

I’m sorry for hurting You by putting girlfriends first, yet when they break my heart, then I know how too pray;

I’m sorry for wasting so much time in life, instead of pursuing the purpose for which I was made;


All I can say is no one convinced me or made my mind sway;

I fell in love with You because of Your faithfulness that has yet too fail;

For loving me no matter how I changed toward You, still You remain the same;

I don’t care what hell sends my way, You are the one thing I’ll never trade;


I can loose it all, as long as I still have my Jesus, then I’ll be okay;

So until my final breath, I’ll forever give You never ending deserved and undeserved praise;



  1. Lovely

  2. Thanks

  3. what a wonderful tale and the diffrence between doing what is right and what is wrong be blessed, i like the truth in this tale, thanks

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