That’s why your hair strands do not match mine…
-nor your father’
-nor your brothers
-nor our neighbours
Unaffiliated to what the world asks you to be
For you are a free bird
Free birds cry for misadventure
For misadventure is where the truth lies
No flower petals spring the same
Our goal is common
To live and to have a grand time
On the map work of purpose
But none of us are common in resonance
Go your path

For I know little of your world view
The very vision that differentiates you
The world is of grey scale and matter
Nothing is painted black and white
For these shades are what plunged you into an abyss of mud in your toddlerhood
A wall in your childhood
A crossroad in your teenage hood
There will be more in your adulthood
No one has it really figured out
Do not aspire to be like them you call friends for they too have unique world views
Even identical twins you can only tell by name
Are not quite the same
Some fly some walk on safe slopes
So fly my dear

Fly your own path
I shall not dictate what you are to be
For in my conscious I stand by purpose
I your bow but you the arrow
Should shoot up high to your aim to accomplish your destiny
When men and women see you and see others and justify their claims and then point fingers
Do not shudder your heart
Just go your path
For this is the release
Go live and go your own path-Oyomi

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