Cedar Loft iv

she made room for him
in her heart
and accommodated him
within her space

his warm embrace
was her happy place
and the more he opened up
the more she let her guard down

so she invited him to her bower
which seemed divinely decorated for her guest
even though he could tell it was probably in an unaltered state
judging from how she’d always presented herself on their dates
always looking exquisite and making it appear so effortless

he felt quite naturally comfortable
and certainly didn’t feel as though he was out of his element
for she had a fine collection of artistic pieces
which were obviously thoughtfully placed
reflecting her taste, and that he truly appreciated

the clues were subtle and intimate
and he particularly loved the lit candles everywhere
from the loft entrance to her bedside pedestals
and the fragrant atmosphere reminded him of his own lair
only that his had blues like a satin bowerbird’s nest

his reservations about what was for him best
and doubts about whether to enter this intimate phase
were all laid to rest
as they toasted and got absorbed in a tête-à-tête

and as it was getting late
he figured he’d suggest… but before he could relate
she said ‘you’re my bumble bee and I – your red clover
and so would die if you don’t lie down with me’

it all felt so right thus they spent the night
going half on a baby

© Heath Muchena, 2016

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