Archives for June 4, 2017

It is what He has done

It is what He has done With what my life has been That makes me so exited to tell Of everything God can do.

I’ve seen what He has done With what I went through. It is when I trusted Him with my life That I could begin to live.

It is then that He took me The broken person I was And made me into what I am today Someone who is surviving.

I’ve learnt how to swim When the waves of circumstances approaches. It is with faith in God That I am able to keep my head above the water.

Not ever going down When life is treating me bad But believing in His promise That He knows the plans He has for me.

You’ve Been Told

You’ve Been Told That You Are A Mistake, That You Are Only Wasting Oxygen And So Death Is What You Want.

These Are The Words That Formed You To Be The Result Of What You Do Always Wondering When Their Words Will Come And So With Each One Just Dying.

In Time Stop Trying For By Committing Suicide You Won’t Be Able To Hear All That’s Being Said When Their Words Are The Weapons That Hurts The Most.

You Try To Accept Yourself By Eating, But Hating Yourself Afterwards. Thinking That If You Don’t Eat You Will Eventually Starve Yourself To Death.

Trying Everything To Die, So Afraid To Try To Stand Up And Show Them That You Too Are Here For A Reason.

You’ve Been Hurt

You’ve Been Hurt By The Words From Those Around You. It Is What Affects What You Do Causing You To Be So Confused.

Daily You Live In The Fear Of Trying So Desperately To Just Get A Little Acceptance But Instead Only Receiving Resentment.

For You There Is A Chance To Be Freed From This Fear. Just Accept God’s Salvation And Give Him Everything That’s Causing Your Pain.

You Don’t Easily Trust Anyone For When You Did Trust It Was Thrown Back Into Your Face That’s Why You Don’t Believe In A Thing Called Trust.

Like A Child Who Have A Tendency To Trust His Father You Too Can Trust God For He Is Not A Human Being He Is The God Of The Living.

Life Left You Crippled

Life Left You Crippled And So You Have To Go Forward With The Knowledge That You Are Trying To Be Someone You Are Not.

You Couldn’t Find Your Own Individuality And So You Like To Be A Someone Else You See But All Your Efforts Are In Vain.

You Look Up To Other People And See Them As Role Models But You Can Never Measure Up To Them That Leaves You So Discouraged.

Why Do You Want To Be Like Another When God Created You As You Are? He Made You An Individual Someone Who Can Enjoy Life Just As You Are.

To Be Able To Find Yourself You First Need To Find God. When You Do You Will Understand God’s Plans For You.

You Might Ask

You Might Ask What’s There To Live For? Pain Has Reached You To The Core, There’s Nothing To Live For Anymore.

Yes, We All Feel Like Dying Is All There Is To Do – It Is Not Only You – I Was There Myself.

Thoughts Of Death Are The Criminals Who Do Theft As A Means Of Preventing Us To Reach Our Full Potential It Is Our Minds They Fill.

To Die Is Not A Way Out For The Purpose Of Our Existence Is To Live Life To The Fullest.

They Know If They Can Get You To Think About Suicide They Will Eventually Be The Reason Why You Take Your Own Life.

What Happened Cannot Be Changed

What Happened Cannot Be Changed But Let Me Tell You That If You Are Prepared To Listen To The Truth The Pain Will Stop.

Like A Child Being Comforted By His Or Her Mother So God Too Wants To Comfort You Helping Your Raw Wounds To Heal.

It Is Only One Thing That Stands Between You Being Healed Or Staying As Is And That Is Your Choice If You Accept Him Or Not, It All Depends On What You Do.

I Can Tell You That He Is Keen To Help You And Take The Pain Away. He Is Still Waiting This Very Day I Too Had My Own Pain.

He Had Helped Me To Heal And That’s Why I Write What I Write To Tell You That God Is Real And You Too Can Experience Healing.

To Them You Might Be

To Them You Might Be A Birth That Never Should Have Been Born. A Person Who Is Only In Their Way Someone Who Are Criticized Each Day.

It Is Their Words That Cuts Like A Knife The Tissue Of Your Heart That Cause All Your Confidence To Bleed Out.

They Don’t Value You As Much As God Do. For Them You Will Never Succeed But Let Me Introduce You To God You Have To Meet.

He Is As Real As The Pain It Is Just The Pain That Hid Him Away So That You Never Could Invite Him To Stay And He Could Help You Find Yourself.

So What They Don’t Accept You! It Is Their Loss But Don’t Worry, Because You Are Already Accepted In God’s Eyes.

The Struggle With Self

The Struggle With Self Is A Life Long Crisis. Until You Know Who You Are You Will Never Be Able To Accept Yourself.

You Like To Compare Yourself With Another While You Are An Individual Not Like Someone Else But Your Own Special Person.

You Are Different And That Makes You Unique. It Is Yourself That You Seek And When You Do You Will Realize Who You Are.

You Are Made In The Image Of God You Cannot Be Compared With Another For God Didn’t Want Two Of The Same People That Is Why You Are Who You Are.

I Know Whom God Is Therefore I Can Tell You That You Are A Someone Special For In Christ You Are My Sister And Brother.

The search for meaning

The search for meaning Is a search for something It is a search we all undertook sometime or another Some still are searching, others did find their meaning.

The majority of people today Are trying so desperately To find some purpose but in vain It leaves them in their pain.

Like me I was in desperate need Of something that could give me The motivation to get to live my life. It all has changed For I was prepared To face the truth that I’m a sinner

Someone in desperate need for God’s salvation. That’s what changed my life for the better That truth can be the cause for a change in your situation If you just give God the chance To work in your life like He has done in mine.

Stripped From Your Confidence

Stripped From Your Confidence For You Life Does Not Make Sense. It Is Only A Daily Routine Where You Are Wanting For Death To Open It’s Door.

You Have Reached The Place Where You Aren’t Prepared To Face Life And Would Rather Want To Die It’s Because You Believe A Lie.

Words Are The Cause For You To Think Like This It’s Because It Is This That Is You’re Only Reality.

Every time You Tried It Was Them That Told You That You Won’t Make It And It’s The Words That Sit.

I Can Tell You That They Are Lying They Are Busy Stealing Life From You, For You Still Have So Much To Do It’s Because God Does Believe In You.