You’re More

I remember how their words used to mould me,

Their comments would control me, scold me.

I was tired of being that boy that everybody ran away from when we were in a line, that’s why the thought occurred to me maybe I wasn’t supposed to be in line, maybe, just maybe I was supposed to be out of line…

I will never forget the day when I was at my lowest, knife to wrist, when something, somewhere; some celestial being gave me 2 words. “You’re more.” Those two words made me realise that the true revenge is for me is to torture my enemies with one simple concept: Them having to watch me succeed. I decided that they would have no choice but to watch me be somebody, I decided that that lonely, awkward misunderstood boy who everybody used to run away from, tease ,humiliate , hurt , push , shove, shout at would be their hope. So I would go everyday behind my smile, it was precious to me, it was golden. I decided to live every day , the sun was my limelight , I danced , I would dance even when the audience walked away .Still I would dance, harder, faster , knowing someday, one day… they’d stay. But the crowd was so harsh, they tore me apart called me names, but all I heard was the roar, them asking for more, I suppose I was tired, tired of crying, It’s not easy, too dramatic ! I wanted those scenes to stay on the stage, they didn’t. it’s never easy but I know that I’ll never be faced with something I cannot handle .It’s tough, so tough, I still dance, so hard, so strong, I dance for that boy, maybe he’ll be still, he’s a baby crying, wailing but I’m going to dance I taught him to dance but I suppose that boy is still in there he’s still crying, but at least he isn’t dying. I’ve realised that I can only wipe the tears away by dancing, harder, faster, stronger, and longer so the world can see. There are two words, to remind that sad, hurt, teased lonely boy,

“You’re more.”

The Fame: A dark truth

I’m so tired; I’m tired of and living in a world where I’m not allowed,

Tired of getting up every day having to pretend I’m comfortable when the limelight is so hot, it burns me. Having to pretend I’m just another brick in the wall just so you can feel comfortable in the plain world you’re living in. it’s what I crave its security, fame: my security.

Where’s the jazz the lights, the audience, my audience where are they! They’re waiting for me to get out there, to be a star to wow the crowd but the truth is I’ll never feel their ovation. They scream, so loud but I’m deaf, deaf to the fact that I’m theirs. I’m the star, not a human being. I need to stop crying. I’m living the dream I’ve done it. I’m finally there, theirs. I asked for this life begged prayed, it’s finally here but why are there so so so very many tears. I need to get out there, push on, because it’s live, I’m alive.