The Fame: A dark truth

I’m so tired; I’m tired of and living in a world where I’m not allowed,

Tired of getting up every day having to pretend I’m comfortable when the limelight is so hot, it burns me. Having to pretend I’m just another brick in the wall just so you can feel comfortable in the plain world you’re living in. it’s what I crave its security, fame: my security.

Where’s the jazz the lights, the audience, my audience where are they! They’re waiting for me to get out there, to be a star to wow the crowd but the truth is I’ll never feel their ovation. They scream, so loud but I’m deaf, deaf to the fact that I’m theirs. I’m the star, not a human being. I need to stop crying. I’m living the dream I’ve done it. I’m finally there, theirs. I asked for this life begged prayed, it’s finally here but why are there so so so very many tears. I need to get out there, push on, because it’s live, I’m alive.

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