My winters are colder my nights seem longer my days are endless my mind relentless

It’s finished… You’re gone… Our road as one has ended, always destined to walk separate paths

Once entwined now divided, I’m shattered but I’m fine, broken

I remember the days filled with passion and ecstasy the love making and summer strolls

I remember your lies, anger, lust and betrayal, I remember the crying, the begging and the pleading…

Nights of endless beatings, left battered and bruised blood stained and used.

I remember your shame. Your sorries your pain, I was so forgiving so stupid so young so vain.

In the dark these memories flow and I now I know why I had to let you go, my love, my life, my one, my hate…

As I lay here broken and scared I never could have been prepared, you came into my broken heart and
Ripped and tore my soul apart, now the demons awake and near….

In the dark these memories flow and I remember why I let you go, my love, my life my one my hate…


You will be fine

I won’t not this time, you know nothing of what I feel inside.

My heart is bleeding and my minds at war.
I haven’t been in this kind of darkness before…
I’m broken my body is worn.

Look into my to eyes I’m begging you please.
Can you see me, I’m bleeding….

Are you there? I’m screaming.
why won’t you help
Pleading in vain, why won’t you listen

Its getting dark again.
I’m Begging please, please see me again!
The walls are closing in!!

suffocating, choking, waiting…

I can’t scream anymore there’s nothing to say…
Reaching out but you just stare.
I’m crying

I’m fading…. can you see?
You could have saved me…
do you care?

Its too late… I’m nearly out!
I’m bleeding again this time its real.
Blaming you.

Look at us lying here, broken, my reflection.
If you had just seen me
we could have be fine.


Emptiness inside of me
Hopelessness within my heart,
As I seek I cannot find, the life that I have left behind,

When you speak I hear no sound
And yet its you to whom I’m bound
In this life I have regrets, mostly which is that we met

I look into a dull reflection
My life so full of misconception
I am yours I have no say
For it is my heart that you stay

Time has passed, and I’m still here
All I feel is this endless fear
I never knew it would go this far
That you would leave so many scars

But you are mine and mine to keep
until one day its you who weeps




Welcome to my generation, we told we are limitless
But realized we are constricted
The color-blind generation
I am colorless but I’m marked

They tell us we equal
But they put us in cages and confine us
They lied to us

Generations before us suffered
They fought
They died
For freedom, equality, opportunity

We are a nation at war
Our people are dying
Our lands are sick
The races are fighting
Our unity divided.

The born free generation
The discriminating generation
The now generation

See people for what they are
See that Ink is art
Gay is love
Black is white
A heart is a heart
we all bleed red

I am freedom
I follow no man for men are fools
They are selfish and cruel

I am freedom
I bow down to no god
Loving gods have no terms and conditions attached

If my freedom condemns me
Then my fate is sealed and my path is marked

I am ready
I am art
I am love
I am colorless
I am free

I am nothing they want me to be.


You rose From the shadows reached into my light, took something of mine too selfishly soon.
You heed no warning you show no signs that into the shadows you’ll take the divines.

You had no right to just come and take, you took my light and made it night, you crushed a heart, left things unsaid you broke up families so un prepared.

Now the darkness is all I see I beg I plead just please take me. You’ve taken my eden and turned it to dust you took a love I will never again touch.

The choice you made I cannot change, I wished and prayed I was merely deranged. My soul seems hollow my flame has died.

I can’t feel the light I just cried and cried and even though your deed is done. In my heart they carry on. You may have taken their body from sight but YOU DEATH will one day have me to fight.