Welcome to my generation, we told we are limitless
But realized we are constricted
The color-blind generation
I am colorless but I’m marked

They tell us we equal
But they put us in cages and confine us
They lied to us

Generations before us suffered
They fought
They died
For freedom, equality, opportunity

We are a nation at war
Our people are dying
Our lands are sick
The races are fighting
Our unity divided.

The born free generation
The discriminating generation
The now generation

See people for what they are
See that Ink is art
Gay is love
Black is white
A heart is a heart
we all bleed red

I am freedom
I follow no man for men are fools
They are selfish and cruel

I am freedom
I bow down to no god
Loving gods have no terms and conditions attached

If my freedom condemns me
Then my fate is sealed and my path is marked

I am ready
I am art
I am love
I am colorless
I am free

I am nothing they want me to be.

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