Cedar Loft iv

she made room for him
in her heart
and accommodated him
within her space

his warm embrace
was her happy place
and the more he opened up
the more she let her guard down

so she invited him to her bower
which seemed divinely decorated for her guest
even though he could tell it was probably in an unaltered state
judging from how she’d always presented herself on their dates
always looking exquisite and making it appear so effortless

he felt quite naturally comfortable
and certainly didn’t feel as though he was out of his element
for she had a fine collection of artistic pieces
which were obviously thoughtfully placed
reflecting her taste, and that he truly appreciated

the clues were subtle and intimate
and he particularly loved the lit candles everywhere
from the loft entrance to her bedside pedestals
and the fragrant atmosphere reminded him of his own lair
only that his had blues like a satin bowerbird’s nest

his reservations about what was for him best
and doubts about whether to enter this intimate phase
were all laid to rest
as they toasted and got absorbed in a tête-à-tête

and as it was getting late
he figured he’d suggest… but before he could relate
she said ‘you’re my bumble bee and I – your red clover
and so would die if you don’t lie down with me’

it all felt so right thus they spent the night
going half on a baby

© Heath Muchena, 2016

A walk down Wanton Way ii

She was definitely unprepared to disclose any information which would exonerate him or redound to his honour, since she deemed his disinterest in her advances a damage done to her self-worth and confidence.

She sided with Diogenes’ view that not every degree of silence is the equivalent of concealment, and she reckoned that since she wasn’t obliged to confer, let alone be unbiased on principle, she’d not attest or speak on the strength of his character – even if it meant his reputation was to a degree dependent on it.

Consequently, she chose a hurtful and shady silence, even though the voice of her conscience was loud and clear – being quite certain he was innocent. In all, it was proof that laws, as Cicero accurately expressed, ‘have power to compel or restrain man.’ Even the law of unrequited attraction.

It is true then that the suffering of an adversary remedies that of one with an insulted spirit and as Plutarch put it ‘satisfaction is a sweet medicine to a troubled mind.’

© Heath Muchena, 2016

Uptown Abbey iv

his heart held a modicum of attraction
which quickly intensified that he hastily disregarded the opprobrium
that would inevitably follow all unbefitting association with a betrothed woman

and ripe as the fruit of his passion was
there was clearly no petering out, no separating the pips from the pulp
he had to have her or no one

so wholly… was his want

© Heath Muchena

Purple Curtain Drops

view zoomed
on the jacaranda blooms

breathing the air of home
without a care
as I sit out, on the veranda alone

thinking of her
something about the day
and the season
for some reason
I’m reminded of the scent of her perfume

the sensual care of her womanhood
and it feels real enough that I have a chill in my bone

so quickly I descend from the horny layer
that is, the stratum of my daydream

with but one question on my mind still

do I regret that she’s gone or am I happier on my own?

© Heath Muchena

Portia Galactica

my heart was open to a change of mind
but as things stood I just had to leave her behind

and since pleasure is the standard of choice
I had to enjoy mine, hard as it was to resist our electric chemistry…

and the sweet seduction of her voice
that upon auditory perception drew me to her
with the natural affinity of sexual chemotaxis

but even a fraction contains infinity
so although I felt incomplete without her
I still had to find my forever

I had to keep moving to my tune
trying to make sense of the universe…

this mysterious perpetuum mobile

© Heath Muchena

Love Hallways

Some doors are open and one can see the superficial displays,

some are closed with windows that are double glazed.

Some are clean typifying a kind of naivety,

some are less so because of perhaps too much gaiety.

One but stands out –

not spotless but quite impressive,

the door is shut but the window open –

delicious aromas escape through it,

the sound of sweet music suggests a disposition wildly innocent,

and so on this door he’ll knock.

Heath Muchena

Sun Fly

An insect flying at night time
searching for light
gets trapped in a light bulb cover.
Suddenly it’s searching for something else other
than what it initially sought.

It longs for the dark again,
but it fears that too.
And so it rests… doesn’t move.
Too cursed to think,
and the body immobilised by exhaustion and imprisonment:
it accepts –
as if to say: ‘OK, I lose’.
It even forgets it once could fly
and just waits to die.

Written by: Heath Muchena