Alone In The Rain

I thought it would be a day like any other
The beginning of the routine where you weren’t home
I’ve learned it all by heart
Two days you were at home I could see you through the windows
Five days you would leave only to return hours later

Nature was pouring down from the heavens
The soft rain washing through my coat
I knew that I would be nice and clean for you after it all
You surprised me when you loaded me into the car,
I looked at you with excitement as I wagged my tail

You haven’t looked my way once
A strange expression you had, I was yet to learn
You stopped the car suddenly and I fell off the back seat
The door suddenly opened and you pulled me out
In the rain once more I watched you drove off

I looked around and had no idea where I was
I stayed where I was, hoping you would return
It was raining harder and I could hear cars coming closer
I wagged my tail once more, thought you came back
Bright lights blinded me for a brief moment

I heard a squeaking sound and felt something hard as everything went black
I woke up and my whole body burned with pain
I couldn’t move and wished I was back home
Gentle hands moved over my body and the pain faded briefly
Deep within I felt relaxed and cared, all in the face of a stranger

Winter Is Coming

Life is like a story book, and you are the writer.
We all dream – if not secretly.
How we want our lives to play out.
Journey taken, hearts broken and that ever after we all seek.
Meaning of our souls… the reason for living!

On the darkest night, the mists covered the lonely fields.
The footsteps on the ground were slow and silent.
In the distance a flickering light broke the unbarring darkness.
Wild and free but something was haunting from the distant plane.

A soul Crying for comfort.
A howl to the full moon.
Lost, extinct and forgotten like a camp fire story.
Whispers of long ago, sealed in the fate of time.
Footsteps long ago disappeared.
The imprints of the journey left unsealed.
Where are we headed?