Alone In The Rain

I thought it would be a day like any other
The beginning of the routine where you weren’t home
I’ve learned it all by heart
Two days you were at home I could see you through the windows
Five days you would leave only to return hours later

Nature was pouring down from the heavens
The soft rain washing through my coat
I knew that I would be nice and clean for you after it all
You surprised me when you loaded me into the car,
I looked at you with excitement as I wagged my tail

You haven’t looked my way once
A strange expression you had, I was yet to learn
You stopped the car suddenly and I fell off the back seat
The door suddenly opened and you pulled me out
In the rain once more I watched you drove off

I looked around and had no idea where I was
I stayed where I was, hoping you would return
It was raining harder and I could hear cars coming closer
I wagged my tail once more, thought you came back
Bright lights blinded me for a brief moment

I heard a squeaking sound and felt something hard as everything went black
I woke up and my whole body burned with pain
I couldn’t move and wished I was back home
Gentle hands moved over my body and the pain faded briefly
Deep within I felt relaxed and cared, all in the face of a stranger

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