Woman’s hurt

Ke sekwankwetla,ke mosadi wamakhonnthe,ke lejwe la moralla ke mma tiisetso moradi wa mathata,ke mamello,ke mosadi wa ntja dialoma,jonna wee keopelwa ke hlooho,mathata arwetse manolo hodimo,fela ke beya tshepo yaka ho jesu mora modimo,le bona botlatla masholo kea dumela,nne ke ikanne keitse botleng le bobeng ketla tiisetsa.ho fihlela re arohanwa ke ramasedi.ne ke sa tsebe monna enwa ke satane,otla ntsietsa,a mpehe magatheng a lefu,monna enwa ke ganyapa,raditebele o yanshapa,ke ya ikemela,kea ikepela,ke tennwe,ke radifeisi ntja dialoma,ke tennwe ke hlekefetso,ke khathetse ke dithwako.ke tla itwanela Maang.ntlohele ntlohele ha o sa mpatle,let me go,leave me alone,why?why abuse me if u don’t love me?i will nev’r let u misuse me,abuse me,hurt me,onhlekefeditse ho lekane monna.i am a women.i’m not a Your punching back,you turned my house into a boxing ring.i am your wife not opponent.mmele waka otletse matetetso.pelo yaka etletse mahlwele.mahlo aka ke noka ya digapha.ka le baka la hao manna.

You are

You are my love
i pine for you
ithirst for you
my heart ache for you
as i see you walk pass from a distance
i’m longing and hence
my eyes are waterful
as my lips needs your kiss
as for you i miss
and my life is incomplete
without you i’m naked and plain
you’ve always been my help,
in all my sorrows and pain.
You covered me with care,
from all the cold and rain.

Don’t …to a woman

You’ll never know what can occur
when the clouds have gathered rain,
and the woman’s eyes are in pain.
And tea drops on the palm of her hands
and tear drops fell from her chicks.
No matter how you try to fix
all the suffering she endured.
Do not provoke a woman.
You don’t know what goes in her mind.
As you know not where the wind blows,
or how embryos grow on her womb.
Don’t undermine a woman


Listen to me give ear
read my lips if you donot hear.
From your brother and sister,
and you’ll know better.

Listen and give ear
and promise you’ll not fear
your husband or your wife
and respect eacch other all your life.

There’s daylight throughout the year
my daughter and sons of age.
Nev’r fight another,control your rage.
Respect each other ,distribute yor heritage
and pass it to young generation.


I wish i could sing
you a song.
Record its melodies and rhythms
into your heart.

I wish i could write
you a poem.
Type its phrases and paragraphs
into your mind.
So you will cherish them,
and never to forget me.
And remember my words of wisdom
the poems and songs of freedom
written with love not boredom.

Child slain

By whose’s hand was this child slain?
So young at this age and harmless
is it revenge leaving her mother in such pain?
How could men be so godless?
Surely there’s something wrong in Their brain.
Or their hearts are as bold and plain.
They deserve to be amerced with heavy fine.
Though child slain wasn’t mine
my heart ache for that womb she was born.
Though i know not her mother as a friend
am sure she feels the life of those man must end.
For all the pain and tears her child shed,
the child’s life is gone
but her killers inhale well fed in jail.