Child slain

By whose’s hand was this child slain?
So young at this age and harmless
is it revenge leaving her mother in such pain?
How could men be so godless?
Surely there’s something wrong in Their brain.
Or their hearts are as bold and plain.
They deserve to be amerced with heavy fine.
Though child slain wasn’t mine
my heart ache for that womb she was born.
Though i know not her mother as a friend
am sure she feels the life of those man must end.
For all the pain and tears her child shed,
the child’s life is gone
but her killers inhale well fed in jail.


  1. Wel i hope evry takes a moment to himself,and think of ways we could put an end to killing,raping and traffiking of children in the world.lets bring back death penalty to child abusers,i hate the fact that they are well fed in jail,if not death penalty,why not sturve them till they die.abusers r nt human

  2. this is so beautiful and sad. The truth is that any child killed is our own child and the prison bars are like getaway cars with free meals included. Loved it.

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