• As dawns wake quintessence eyes, ere
    the mist
    Alternated importunate twilight, loomed
    a beast
    Fostering a scare sighted inglorious slay
    Veiling my dream’s page, adorning war’s
    Against the deities […]

  • There came a moment I wanna
    maneuver mitted thoughts
    As I lunged into the charm with her
    hand in mine
    Her instrumental deodorant was sweet
    It pulverized the blasphemy
    In her comely eyes I pulsate and […]

  • Dear noble white, you’re small yet
    warmly wooled
    Flowing along the leaves,
    Like a tuft among other flowers
    Oh, wild high-mountained root
    A figure of rugged beauty and purity
    you are,
    Your dense hair appears […]

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