Dear Daddy

He whispered live and so I came to be
His hands reached out as I took tentative steps in the direction in which He beckoned me
His spirit trailed me as I journeyed through the valley’s of despair,as I mounted the hill of trials and drowned in the ocean of sorrow
His embrace became my home
His heart is all I ever seek
His presence is my sustenance
He who seeks me amongst the crowd
He who loves me without cause
He who clothes me when I am stripped of my courage
He who crowned me when I was nought

A tale of heartbreak

I want you to know that I know who I am,not who you have made me out to be
I’m done being the bridge over which you cross nor will I be the brooke from which you derive your sustenance
I will not be purged by your lack of acknowledgement nor will I be starved of the love which I so clearly deserve
I exorcise myself from you
I resurrect myself from that which has kept me buried for too long
I inhale in my new scent
I embrace my new found heart
I lean into a deep sitted courage
I have become ME


As I cast my thoughts to the past
I will to retrieve those spoken words
That tainted and scarred my memories of you
To bury them so deep that they cannot be exhumed
To banish them from the minds that nurtured them
I will to paint over the canvass of my sins
To behold a scene of rebirth
I will to be a new entity
One of light,love and serenity

The Wait

Bundled up in the crevices of your heart
No sound,nor taste or smell
No remembrance of what was
Or what ought to have been
Here I remain
Hoping my fire ignites your soul
Praying my essence inspires your journey
Loving you irrevocably
Till then
This is where I will stay
For this is where my end is


These feels halt me in motion
Through obscurity they define you
Pre-meditated thoughts clamour to embrace you
My body groans to feel you
Drowning in your essence
Set ablaze by your presence
These feels halt me in motion


I am deserving of a bit more
I need more
To be wanted wholly not partially
Not at your convenience
Not when it is an aid to your means
To be desired
To be cared for and cherished
Adore me
Seek me and never leave me
Pray for me
To be protected,shielded from all sorts of hurt
I am deserving of more


Hush,do not utter a word
For every syllable is laced with your poisonous deceit
Refrain from pouring forth empty entices
Withhold yourself from conjouring disappointment
Peace,hold your tongue
The source of my anguish

I was loved

I was loved before I was born
before I felt the sun on my skin
before I was seen with scorn
before I came to know Him

I was loved before I was born
the moon was made for me
and each sunset and dawn
along with the deep blue sea

I was loved before I was born
by a God who loved me
Who wanted me born
for me to be happy


wind blows indiscriminately
across bare highways
waking desert land

granules and grains
highways cars buildings

whirl wind dust ghosts
arise from
summer slumber
as winter summons earth
to take a stroll

My Sweet Dream

I had a sweet dream last night
Real Heaven on earth
It was crystal clear and so real
Until I woke back to reality

I flew to worlds unknown in my sleep
Where no living soul has ever reached
Everything there was perfectly beautiful
I really wish I could live there forever

I reached a certain place last night
Where I saw men and women living together
Respecting each other as equals
Until I opened my eyes to the same reality

I badly wanted to learn a thing or two
On how they live and find happiness together
But I was quickly awaken back
By the wailing voice of a raped little girl

I had so many questions to ask them
How their women feel safe around men
Wearing whatever feels comfortable
Without the end less fear of being raped

I wanted to know a little more
How it is possible in their world
For little angels to play around
Without arousing the lust of some grey headed man

I entered some real dreamland last night
Where no man lays a hand on a woman
And abuse of children is a thing unknown
It all vanished when I woke to the real world

I had a sweet dream last night
I saw glimpses of a perfect world
Where ALL are equal
But I guess it was just a sweet dream!