My liefie

Hartseer vul my lewe
Soos trane jou oe
My liefde ek’t jou verloor
Jou soet stem vul
my gedagtes met musiek
Ek vra vir nog net een vliek
Die golwe van die see
jou n afstand ver geneem
Nou is als so vreemd
Die blou kamer muur
jou oe se ewige staar
Is jy dan regtig klaar
n Kombers van stilte
vul die eens se gelag
My liefie jy’t belowe jy sou wag


When you are born
People celebrate the birth of a new innocent soul
People are overwhelmed
By happiness, love and laughter

With hopes hanging high like white clouds in the blue skies
With expectations standing tall like sky-scrapers and
Longing for the far Future to come nearer…

Tick tack tick tack
Tick tack tick tack…

Until it comes
When time allows you to be old
Until it comes
When experience allows you to know…

Its painful…
How people look at you with disgust
How people look at you as if you don’t exist
How people look at you and feel like you are too needy

When all you need is Love
When all you need is care
When all you need is support

Its painful…
How when you have have become a child again
But a child of no innocent soul anymore

A child who’s nothing but a mere burden
A child who’s nothing but a distraction
A child who’s anything but a time delaying tactic in LIFE

Its painful…
How when time and experience has broken down ur strength
How when being Old has cut short your knowing hands
How when being Old has held your magic feet captive
How when being old has dried the wisdom in your mouth
How when being old has deprived you of your educated eyes
How when being old has stolen your careful ears

Its painful because people think you are too much

When all you need is love
When all you need is care
When all you need is support…

When you are old and have become a child again
That’s what people really take you for; a ‘mere’ child
But I can’t think of why they fail to afford you what really a child needs

Because all you need is love,
Because all you need is care
Because alll you need is support

And that’s all.

How can the world turn so bad at the end of the day.

In the morning early
I wake up
Outside though the window
I take a careful look
To how the wonderful world
In its sleeping beauty is silent
With the orange dawn promising another day to live

In the morning early
When the shinning stars of the night
Have fallen down upon us
Outside through the window
I pay a critical look

Up in the beautiful high sky
Dancing and singing, the birds
For a day has dawned
Trees camouflaged in green,
Marching sideways like a given command.
Tips of the green-
Grass sparkling of joy and
Flowers flashing their happiness in the colours of the rainbow
Butterflies wondering in the air and demonstrating free will.

In the morning early
I wake up
Outside through the window
I gaze and gaze
When the world is still innocent and
Full of promises

Outside through the window I look, every morning and the same question keeps popping; how can the world turn so bad at the end of the day?

“You reap what you sow”

Be inspired to do what is good,
Don’t stop learning;
You will reap what you sow
Good trees brings; good fruits
Bad tress brings; bad fruits,
Learn what you need,
And you will prosper.


Burried lost forgotten seed.
Siting in the dark,
Slowly growing into the light.

Excuses delaying its growth.
Lies blowing the truth away,
Decomposers worming they way to the stem,
Fruits hiding inside afraid of the stomping tramping boots of men.

Fertilisers numbing for the moment,
Tyrant winds wrenching to that planted moment.

Tears watering the soil.
Seed clinching unto the Family Tree Roots;
Slow the harvest,
All because the farmer was not honest.

The seed grew into its own tree,
& Broke the branches of the family tree.

Two became Three,
You, me & the secret that was a seed planted in me that couldn’t let me be.

I cut the grass;
Releasing the slithering snakes that crawled & held from the start.

I raked the leaves,
I prayed for my family tree not to leave.

I took the seed to the light;
A flower that bared the wrong fruit;
Blossomed to a rose,
Surrounded by thorns that resembled our fear of telling the truth.

Secrets will spoil like milk;
The longer it remains , the sour it will go.
The bigger the stain, the sharper the pain.

Secrets will make you their servant.
Starts as that tadpole, that grows & bounces leaf to leaf eating all the dirty flying insects.

We don’t know the direction of the wind,
Uncertain if today that bird will wake up & sing or take off across seas.

Be honest talk,
Hold hands walk.
Love hurts when time reveals,
Time heals when love reveals.

Take those dimmed seeds to the light & save the family tree.
Don’t plant in the dark your branches will never grow free.

Love keeps no records of wrongs,
Secrets slow feelings & that true love prolongs.

$igned : Lucky

Big City Lights

Big City Lights
Dim reality
Bright fantasies
Slowly ripping the petals of our daisies.

Fast cars
Slow the tar on the pavement.
Walking into a mirage,
Dodging cupid’s arrow for what’s parked in the garage.

Serial killers.
Over working us.

Love lost,
Money found.
Infants hosts,
Sickness bound.

Big City Lights,
Hiding behind cracked walls.
Big City Lights,
Deaf to the Fathers call.

Shadows escaping from flesh.
Widows wearing white while the wounds are still fresh.

Mothers breastfeeding chemicals,
Babies abandoned praying for miracles.
Fathers lost in the music,
Children lonely becoming clueless.

Big City Lights,
On day & night.
Sun starts to fight,
Moon giving up its bright.

Blankets on pavements
Skin with no pigment
Wanting, craving, killing for that forbidden element.

Big City Lights
Leaving minds in the dark.
Big City Lights,
When will you stop taking life?

Dice rolled
Homes in 6’s & 7’s
We closer to hell than we are to heaven.

Big City Lights
How dare you!
Big City Lights
Who dared you?

Condemnation consoled by condoms.
A growing tree.

Big City Lights
When will you fuse?
Big City Lights
I’d rather walk in the dark than in your light if I was to choose.

Open your eyes
Be deaf to the city lies.

Open your heart,
Not legs then when you slowly depart.

Big City Lights
Get lost!

Don’t follow the light,
Before you get lost.

Big City Lights…

$igned : Lucky

The Untold Blues Of Poetry

Still in a dream a shadowy light marches through the mind and
mist my past with a dreamy fascination, it filled all the cold voices in my imaginations

through poetry, like a ghost vanishing without a trace untold expressions cast a shadow over my imaginations, in the medit of silence crept lines, lines so diverse you bet this lie is reherrsed

my poetic being is scribbling in my mind, my thoughts are quiet and magical like the death of my character, I could’nt move to skate on the pad, I’m thinking, my mind flickering with the poetry, even the lad in me is awake, my passion, my inspiration, but I know this story wont be told

Beneath the earth Poetry is a key to a peaceful world that lies deep
within the mysteries of peace, I layeth still composing this magical bliss of sweetness I will only witness

the noise in my stress is now silence, Poetry in my head is the very best piece I have ever

all I can here is the chaos of children with echos of laughter ringging out clear, like the sound in the flaps of a butterflies wing, I realise i’v just missed a poem, I
could’nt do much it got me prisoned for reason, that why I call it, The untold blues of Poetry…

NB:The best poem I have ever read is the one that only appeared in thought

The Untold Blues Of Poetry!

Love on a Cloud

She sent him a message …
A message of her undying love….upon a cloud
The cloud full of passion and love….embraced his soul
The silky white cloud resembled the purity of the love
That no force could ever separate
A love that stood the test of time
has reached the heavens!

What is…?

What is blood without the veins?
Mud without the rains,
A sore without the pains,
God without the praise?
 What is to walk without the trails,
To talk without the sayings,
A road without a way…
A home without a stay?
What is bought without the sales?
A goal without a game,
A no without a nay,
The Lord without the prayers?
 What is fraud without the Mayors?
Or corn without the maize,
A scroll without a page,
A wall without the gate?
What is a fall without being great?
Being born without the age,
A foe without the hate,
A floor without the stage?
 What is a roar without a rage?
A lock without the chains,
A shark without the whales,
A heart without the brains?
 What is a star without the space?
Like playing cards without the Ace,
A call without the fate,
A law without the State?
 What rots without the waste?
A court without a case,
A run without a race,
A run without a chase,

What is…?

Heart Dance

My heart dances to free-
The world behind lenses.
Where the rhythm goes-
Through hidden doors
To find answers.
As the feeling grows-
Beneath the clothes
The vibe enters.
So don’t bruise and brake,
Just move and shake
Your five senses.
And for all human’s’ sake-
Shall it awake
Devine senses.
With shadows bright-
As candle-light
For blind lenses.
With endless height-
To anxious sight
My heart dances.