Burried lost forgotten seed.
Siting in the dark,
Slowly growing into the light.

Excuses delaying its growth.
Lies blowing the truth away,
Decomposers worming they way to the stem,
Fruits hiding inside afraid of the stomping tramping boots of men.

Fertilisers numbing for the moment,
Tyrant winds wrenching to that planted moment.

Tears watering the soil.
Seed clinching unto the Family Tree Roots;
Slow the harvest,
All because the farmer was not honest.

The seed grew into its own tree,
& Broke the branches of the family tree.

Two became Three,
You, me & the secret that was a seed planted in me that couldn’t let me be.

I cut the grass;
Releasing the slithering snakes that crawled & held from the start.

I raked the leaves,
I prayed for my family tree not to leave.

I took the seed to the light;
A flower that bared the wrong fruit;
Blossomed to a rose,
Surrounded by thorns that resembled our fear of telling the truth.

Secrets will spoil like milk;
The longer it remains , the sour it will go.
The bigger the stain, the sharper the pain.

Secrets will make you their servant.
Starts as that tadpole, that grows & bounces leaf to leaf eating all the dirty flying insects.

We don’t know the direction of the wind,
Uncertain if today that bird will wake up & sing or take off across seas.

Be honest talk,
Hold hands walk.
Love hurts when time reveals,
Time heals when love reveals.

Take those dimmed seeds to the light & save the family tree.
Don’t plant in the dark your branches will never grow free.

Love keeps no records of wrongs,
Secrets slow feelings & that true love prolongs.

$igned : Lucky


  1. the title/intro is :
    very interesting piece of words::
    loved it.

    my favorite line is:
    ” Love keeps no records of wrongs
    secret slow feelings and that true love prolongs.

    keep writing

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