Self praise

I’m a knight of the night
Yeah! Man I’ve been grinding
No need to get whining
U know I’m always wining
Its been long but I’m still kicking
Deep in the sea I’ll be swimming
So high in the sky,I’ll be diving
Making em so cool,I like mixing
Better beware of pretty charmer like I
U don’t know a serial killer when u see one
I thought of slaughtering you since you’re an animal
Better take this seriously because its educational
I like speaking my mind,Yeah I know I’m motivational
God left everything just to make me
Guess that’s the reason that I’m so blessed
Guess that the reason u snitches are bowing your heads

Today’s World

Where do I begin?
U were just a teenage girl trying to fit in
It all started with an exchange of bbm pin
Next day its was a kiss on the chin
Next week kisses on the skin
Next month u committed a sin
You were just trying to have fun,but u ended up with a bun
And gave birth to a son
Its sad that you thought he was the one
Now that he got what he wanted,he is done.

Remember how he looked you in the eye
Touched your thigh,and told you he loved you
Knowing very well that it was a lie
Or do you remember how you guys got so close
He bought you a special rose
All of that just so that he can remove your clothes
What happen to love?
Today’s society…

Herne’s Song

Herne’s song

In broken light neath stars embrace,
Amid grass and stone see the old god’s face,
In hoary trunk of twisted tree, there is the one who is three.
Old in hand and heart and bone, voiceless whispers his final tone.

Once the green man of spring was he, singing, laughing running free.
Bud and blossom and then to fruit, at summers height and solstice night.
Oaken king he took the crown and brought the gift of Awen down.
Then winters king he took his turn, lean high hunter, mighty Herne.

Though his children call to him no more, still he sleeps in glade and forest floor.
An’ lo on night when moon shines bright, the horn it sounds and all hide from his sight
Forth the hunt to ride the sky, never fear only join or die.
Cauldron calls yet in olden hall, calling us come, ere the land at last must fall.


I’ve slept on salty ocean floors,Had serpents tread on my bare feet….plucked thorns from my spine,I’ll get over you too.

Broken hope

The world is broken
My heart is sore
My tears have fallen
My mind is numb my thoughts are raw

They called us a coming generation
In the olden days they believed
That we’ll be a united nation
Wherever they be they’re grieved

A child is pregnant and called a teen parent
A boy sleeps in booze as though he’s old
I lift my hands in full surrender right at this current
For what I see is a generation giving no hope.

This is our never to be fixed world
I’ll live to heal it with words…

The Independent Woman

I’m listening to the radio, playing a love song
Suddenly for love I long

I have a house and a car
But this does not make me happy by far

I worked hard for what I have today
But believe you me; there is a price to pay

When I go home and turn the key
No-one is there waiting for me

No-one to hold my hand
No-one to understand
No-one with whom to talk
No-one with whom to walk
No-one to be there
No- one to care
No-one to make you smile
Even just for a while

Sometimes I think it’s a curse
Or something way worst

To be a woman who is sorted and needs nothing
But in actual fact is in need of everything

Especially someone to warm the bed
Why use a blanket instead?

No-one to hold my hand
No-one to understand
No-one with whom to talk
No-one with whom to walk
No-one to be there
No- one to care
No-one to make you smile
Even just for a while

I will exchange it in a heartbeat
In order to feel the heat

For someone to love you so
And who never wants to let you go


When you are born
People celebrate the birth of a new innocent soul
People are overwhelmed
By happiness, love and laughter

With hopes hanging high like white clouds in the blue skies
With expectations standing tall like sky-scrapers and
Longing for the far Future to come nearer…

Tick tack tick tack
Tick tack tick tack…

Until it comes
When time allows you to be old
Until it comes
When experience allows you to know…

Its painful…
How people look at you with disgust
How people look at you as if you don’t exist
How people look at you and feel like you are too needy

When all you need is Love
When all you need is care
When all you need is support

Its painful…
How when you have have become a child again
But a child of no innocent soul anymore

A child who’s nothing but a mere burden
A child who’s nothing but a distraction
A child who’s anything but a time delaying tactic in LIFE

Its painful…
How when time and experience has broken down ur strength
How when being Old has cut short your knowing hands
How when being Old has held your magic feet captive
How when being old has dried the wisdom in your mouth
How when being old has deprived you of your educated eyes
How when being old has stolen your careful ears

Its painful because people think you are too much

When all you need is love
When all you need is care
When all you need is support…

When you are old and have become a child again
That’s what people really take you for; a ‘mere’ child
But I can’t think of why they fail to afford you what really a child needs

Because all you need is love,
Because all you need is care
Because alll you need is support

And that’s all.

How can the world turn so bad at the end of the day.

In the morning early
I wake up
Outside though the window
I take a careful look
To how the wonderful world
In its sleeping beauty is silent
With the orange dawn promising another day to live

In the morning early
When the shinning stars of the night
Have fallen down upon us
Outside through the window
I pay a critical look

Up in the beautiful high sky
Dancing and singing, the birds
For a day has dawned
Trees camouflaged in green,
Marching sideways like a given command.
Tips of the green-
Grass sparkling of joy and
Flowers flashing their happiness in the colours of the rainbow
Butterflies wondering in the air and demonstrating free will.

In the morning early
I wake up
Outside through the window
I gaze and gaze
When the world is still innocent and
Full of promises

Outside through the window I look, every morning and the same question keeps popping; how can the world turn so bad at the end of the day?

The Pain of Wondering

Into the night I will run
Run away from you and yours
I will run towards the scorching sun
My struggle was behind closed doors

But then you catch me and I fight
Still I get pulled under again
I look around, I can’t see the light
You are different than you were then

My love for you suffocates sometimes
But you look at me and my heart climbs
Your love for me seems like an act
Filled with everything I ever lacked

You say you love me yet I do not know
If anything you say holds truth
You have screamed and begged me not to go
I am slowly losing my youth

Sometimes your love really does show
And yet I am still unsure
Maybe your love and lust faded a long time ago?
Maybe being together was just a bit premature?

But still I am enthralled by you
I will forever be under your spell
You are permanently etched like a tattoo
And I’ll never be able to say farewell


Religion although a notion denoting a sign-post to the unknown begets a safe haven once one has perished. Heaven. To some an obscure ambiguity to others a place of rest after death of infinite time & space.

Who are we ultimately besides our outward personality? As humans we are sculptures, constantly chipping away the unwanted pieces trying to create our own version of the masterpiece.
The earth we borrow transverse soil with our feet but soon we shall lay beneath, mortality our fate but spiritual faith allows for life thereafter. God. A guiding light, omnipotent force, a nexus with which we collate.

Pantomime tales inhabit duplicate self’s like blissful secrets, we instead wake from figments of our minds as though we live in sequence. A fluorescent light lives within us all provided by a higher power, makes us vigorous in peril a strengthened form one day we’ll reach his tower.

Life an expedition of highs and lows but why travel it alone, in trying times look deep inside and simply close your eyes, darkness follows don’t despise you feel your far from home, omniscient being there to help a patron you’ve always known, the orb inside it comes from him, just pick up the non-secular phone.