Totally Isolated

Totally Isolated

The wind blowing in ire expose
Exposing the branches nakedly
the sands pushed forcefully against the barks of the tree
throbbing like a slave beaten in the nude
the hope for a clear sky doesn’t seem possible.

Rain droplets painfully drowning the leaves
yet still strong to stand
searching the sun amongst the dark grey heavy clouds
could this be or is this …

Yet the weather so abrupt
the peaceful rain turns out to be a storm
Madness of shiver running through the trunk
leaves and branches exposed the trunk to utter bitterness and coldness
The wind so strong…
it feels as if the roots are plucked out
poor leaves drenched in the rain
yet standing and hoping for a better tomorrow
filled with warmth and greenies

The whirlwind touched the trunk
Bend the tree over and left it half dead
The leaves gone as if it were winter
branches broken and drowning in the of water
left in agony with some roots totally plucked
the storm still ongoing…

No hope…….and totally isolated.

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