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My heart is crying again

I promised myself not to cry
But look in your eyes, tension between your eyebrows
Tells me something is wrong
My nest is not safe in the storm
I see a pencil heel and a skirt in your eyes
Same place I used to see my picture few days back
I know where your heart is, it’s not in our nest anymore
I don’t know when our nest become only my nest and you become just a visitor
I know this place doesn’t comfort you anymore
You wana fly away.
I wonder what went wrong
For me still it’s just me and you making us, but
I can see your eyes changing
My heart sinks when I think about our nest and incoming storm
But I promised myself not to cry,
So I won’t cry, even if it hurts.

Totally Isolated

Totally Isolated

The wind blowing in ire expose
Exposing the branches nakedly
the sands pushed forcefully against the barks of the tree
throbbing like a slave beaten in the nude
the hope for a clear sky doesn’t seem possible.

Rain droplets painfully drowning the leaves
yet still strong to stand
searching the sun amongst the dark grey heavy clouds
could this be or is this …

Yet the weather so abrupt
the peaceful rain turns out to be a storm
Madness of shiver running through the trunk
leaves and branches exposed the trunk to utter bitterness and coldness
The wind so strong…
it feels as if the roots are plucked out
poor leaves drenched in the rain
yet standing and hoping for a better tomorrow
filled with warmth and greenies

The whirlwind touched the trunk
Bend the tree over and left it half dead
The leaves gone as if it were winter
branches broken and drowning in the of water
left in agony with some roots totally plucked
the storm still ongoing…

No hope…….and totally isolated.


Her maid and gardener are in fight again, she looks at them and not really sure what to say, Maid is with her since when she moved to South Africa and knows that she is a nice lady and really have no reason to fight with anyone. The Gardener start working in her garden few months back he is also a very down to earth hard working fellow, when first time he came in house, she thought he and maid will be good friend as they are from same age group, but she sense the tension in maid eyes first time she saw him, never able to realize why she look so troubled. Funny part is Gardner has done nothing to annoy maid but she is just cross with him. What can be a possible reason she will any way never able to figure out, South Africa is going through so much change and people not really seems to be as kind with each other as they appear. Maid is not young and she has seen the days of oppression and the way she see the world is totally different than her, seeing them stressing over nothing is not nice but they never say anything and in such times best thing, she think is to look aloof and hideaway in her own thought as for her this situation is not easy to solved, none of them have any real problem with each other yet they look so tensed when together.
She seems to lost in her own train of thought, she moved to South Africa few years back she grew up in a country where she never saw any discrimination and understanding these strain between the two people is beyond her reason but she also know these people have seen enough oppression and discrimination and they somehow got this right to be angry. She don’t really ever knew meaning of oppression till she moved to South Africa, for her only oppression she faced was when father used to forced them to do something without will or when she used to feel her sister always gets better clothes and toys as a kid that was her definition of oppression and discrimination. She think about it and feels bad, she is not mocking these people struggle, it just she happen to have easy life than her Gardner and Mai. She in her life time will never really able to figure out why her South African maid can’t stand her Zimbabwean Gardner, it’s just between them.