There’s No Place for ME

Loved as a baby, grew up as a “loner”
No connection, no place, like a dog without an owner.
Teased for my unusual body structure
To them I was just a joke
The anger that grew inside of me
Took over and consumed all hope.

My parents Bad Habits, added to the pain.
The feeling of being laughed at, made living such a pain.
Although I had some family, the “black sheep” I still remained
My sister felt my heartache, but she couldn’t see MY pain.

My parents made their choices, in which I had to live with
I watched my family crumble, not knowing how to mend it.
And as the years slowly passed, poetry became my heartbeat
With no true friend, I had my pen and that is all I needed.
I’ve turned my back against the world, my gang became my fam.
I’ve played the game and made my name, but still felt lost inside.

My mind was filled with doubt and anger
“Where to now”… I began to wonder.
There’s no place for me in this world of hate
”Dear Lord, please feed my hunger”.
And then I realised, that all that I’ve been through
Was enough to shape my future.
I’ve changed my view as God shaped my life

No longer am I filled with Hate.
And for my future generation I stand, to be a better Man!

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